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  Bangkok tour guide page gathers brief information of our tour guides. You will see their pictures and get to know a bit about them. Please follow the link to see their interview, their own thinking about themselves and what we think about them. More over there are more of their photos while they are traveling around.

  We will start with our most pretty tour guide. Just kidding! What we want to do is introduce our high profiled tourist guide for you.

Anna or Ua

  Anna became Bangkok tour guide 4 years ago. She is one of our founder classmates of tour guide class. They started this career at the same time and fall in love with this job. And after that, it seems very difficult for her to get back in her own expertise. Anna thinks she could have find this career long time ago where ever she stays. She always want to take time off for this tour service as she misses the tourist and she feel relaxed while working as a tour guide.
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Bangkok tour guide : Anna


  With 10 years experience as a Thailand tour guide, her tour guide service can be guaranteed as per the expectation. Toom is one of the high profiled tourist guide of Thailand. Toom studied in Catholic high school from where she gets great English accent. By only hearing her voice one cannot tell she is from which nationality. Take a look on her profile.
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Bangkok tour guide : TOOM


  Pauline is working as a Bangkok tour guide from last 20 years. She was engaged in hotel business before becoming a tourist guide. Pauline is seriously committed to her work. That why she has long experience in the field. You can have chat with her in many different topics like what is going on in Bangkok and tour industry. See more detail.

Bangkok tour guide : Pualing


  Eng fell in love with this job 3 years ago. In the first few rough years, she never thought that this is her job. After started getting around with the tourists and a good response, she admires this business as a country main income source business, which can develop herself, her country and help visitor impressed with her homeland. She is hyperactive and enthusiastic with her country and always has an open mind to differentiate. If you love economics, politic, history and art, you should consider booking her as Bangkok tour guide.
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Bangkok tour guide : Eng Small


  Simon is the first tour guide we would like to talk about. In fact, this is not a female dominated company it is because of the limited number of men available. Well, Simon has a very good sense of humor, wide range of experience in different fields and most of all Simon used to be a tourist guide lecturer. See more detail.



  Buay is the youngest Bangkok tour guide in the first four. She has a good sense of humor and love to tell jokes. Your trip will be fun filled with laughing stories if you choose her as your tour guide. She is a person who makes you feel that it's good to have her around. More explanation, you will feel really private to talk about any subject matter almost like she is never there. But if you need something she will start to do something or come up with some idea. See more detail.

Bangkok tour guide : Buay small


  Took is working in tourist industry from last 20 year but started a career of tour guide from last 10 years. She is one of the busiest tourist guide in Bangkok. Just book her and you will know why she is so busy and how nice to have her around. She is very easy to get along with and generous.
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  Bua is a nice northern woman who has been working in this business from last 10 years. Bua love traveling around and love to share her information with tourists. After, being around with her you will feel how much she wants everything to be right to you as her tourist. You will feel like you have friend to show around not a guide.



  Mee is a young enthusiastic tour guide from Bangkok city. She graduated in liberal from Silpakorn University. She love history and out door sport. She is a very nice companion who can make your day memorable. See more detail.

Guide Mee

Chumpan (Tan)

  One of our favorite male tour guide. The in-depth knowledge of history makes him a very special guide. We know it is not just because that he is our friend and from what he tries to communicate to tourist. But we know from his last name also that he decent from the royal family.



  Sawaddee krab (hello), I am Arty, a Bangkok local Tour Guide. The below is my interview. I would like to share my knowledge and experience to you. I will show you around Bangkok and nearby. Definitely, your holidays will be full of joy and fun. See more detail.

Guide Arty

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