Cruise to Bangkok

When you take a cruise to Bangkok you get the best of both worlds; first you will enjoy the extravagant luxury aboard these incredible cruise lines and then you will be swept away with pampering once you disembark in Bangkok.

Routing of the cruise

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Many of the major cruise line companies stop in Bangkok for one day and up to several days. You can book a full South East Asia cruise starting out in America or the UK and visit places like China, Vietnam, and Singapore before coming to Bangkok, then, moving on to Hong Kong.

Check for cruise price and schedule:

You may contact us or your local cruise line company to check on the scheduled cruise dates and ports of call.

We recommend before you cruise to Bangkok you first consider how long your stop over is going to be. If your stop over is going to be for only one day you should contact the cruise lines for any tour packages as this may be the best option as per there cruise lines schedule.

If your stop over is going to be longer than one day we will be able to provide all of your Bangkok tour needs with a much more detailed itinerary and at more reasonable rate.

Cruise : port of arrival

As a note: although your cruise line company may be able to offer a better rate for the one day stop over we will still be able to provide you a more extensive and detailed tour package as the cruise lines packages will be limited to there knowledge of the ports of call.

Another reason to use the cruise lines tour packages is you must consider what port of call you will be arriving to. If you are arriving at the LamChabang port the round trip travel time to Bangkok is approximately 4 hours, if you dock in Klongtoy port (normally for smaller cruise line), your round trip travel time to Bangkok is approximately 2 hours. These factors are going to affect the amount of time you can spend touring around Bangkok.

Bangkok & Central Thailand

Hassle free and easy to control your budget chose our all inclusive package with all food, entertainment, non motorized beach activities, escorted by local guide and resort airport transfers included in the price you pay - making it a great choice for your group as you can plan for almost everything before you go!


If your stop over in Bangkok is for more days or you are going to get a flight to another destination, we highly recommend for you to use private transportation to get to Bangkok, as all other means of transportation will not be very convenient. You may contact us as we can arrange all means of transportation with our professional services.

Tour package for cruise customer

Cruise traveller 2 days from Leam Chabang

Cruise traveller 2 days from Klong Toey

Famous landmark of Bangkok

If you are going to take a cruise you should make sure it will remain in Thailand for more than two days as you will want to visit the most famous landmarks, Wat Phra Kaeo and The Grand Palace.

Built as the private royal temple, Wat Phra Kaeo is the holiest site in the country and houses the most important image, the Emerald Buddha. The temple occupies the northeast corner of the huge Grand Palace, which dates back to 1785, but is now only used for state functions, as the king resides in Chitrlada Palace in Dusit.

The only entrance to the complex is on Thanon Na Phra Lan, within easy walking distance of Banglamphu, and close to the Tha Chang express-boat pier. Admission to Wat Phra Kaeo is daily 8.30am-3.30pm, and includes entry to Vimanmek Palace. As it's Thailand's most sacred site, there's a dress code (no vests, shorts, sarongs, miniskirts, slip-on sandals or flip-flops), but you can borrow suitable garments and shoes at an office just inside the entrance.

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