Jet lag relief

Thailand Time zones and jet lag relief

Thailand time is GMT plus 7 hours. If you travel from Europe and Africa, the time difference is 5-7 hours behind. If you travel from North and South America, it is 12-15 hours in difference. Jet lag is a problem that will cause disorientation due to the difference in your normal eating and sleeping patterns. Here is some simple advice to adjust quickly to the Thailand's time zone.

water for jet lage relief

First do not to drink too much alcohol while you are on the plane. You may drink in small portions if alcohol helps you to sleep better, thereby, helping you to rest. If possible, drink plenty of water, as the atmosphere in the plane is quite stuffy. Water will help your body to adjust to the atmosphere better.

Take a walk as often as you can because to change your position and to stretch your legs will help you to relax your muscles. Some airlines, such as Korean Air, have instructions to follow for exercising on the plane. Exercise tips to relax your muscles before traveling is useful, If possible, choose a seat where you can get up for a quick stretch easily. In the economy class, exit rows are the most desirable seats for leg room and additional space.

This advice has tremendous effect on your body, especially for people who travel long distances and across many different time zones.

Another suggestion is to take a jet lag pill.

Once you reach your destination, it is also recommended that you should find time to do some light exercises, such as swimming, walking, practicing yoga, or any other sporting activities that you prefer. All this will help you to adapt yourself quickly to the different climate change.

Jet lag relief

Upon arrival, treat the day as a normal day. If you arrive at noon, be active and do not take long naps- this will only worsen jet lag and prolong recovery. If you arrive in the evening or late night, do your best to go to bed as normal.


Advice from my sister.


She recommended that you should sleep as little as possible or not sleep a couple of nights before you travel across the time zones. Eat and drink some lighter food and drink that night in order to adjust your digestive system.

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