Bangkok & Central – Tour Detail and Itinerary

Bangkok is one of the most famous destinations in the world. So many people visits Bangkok many times. Before search for Bangkok tour packages that you need, check out why you should stop here.

Why Bangkok is so famous?

This city Metropolis is truly an impressive experience with the city’s ancient story which rich in history. Meanwhile, the city also modern comforts giving you an all-round experience on your vacation.

Beside that, the magnificent temples in shimmering gold and the Royal palaces which are a treat to the eyes are some spots you will never forget once you visit them.

Thai Food & fruit

Looking for yummy street food experience, Bangkok is one of the city that already in the listing of traveler. Why not experience local food, taste Durian or yummy Thai dessert that you will enjoy.

Shopping time

Anywhere you go in Bangkok, there are a chance to get gift and souvenir for friends and family. Or shopping cloths, and accessory that you find that one that suite you.

This Bangkok tour packages offer free and easy package, all inclusive tours, and extension from Bangkok to other destination such as Chiang mai, Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi for instance.