Bangkok is a sleepless night city. There are lots of things to do, see and shopping place to visit. The night market is a famous visiting place.

Don’t know where to go, Or do not know things to do in Bangkok at night.

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Evening Bangkok Market that worth visit

We just update this ARTICLE IN AUG 2019 , so it is fresh and very recent update information of night market in Bangkok.

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There are several night markets, which wait for you to explore. The visitor can find cloth, souvenir, hand-made & vintage stuff and much more.

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1. Asiatique the riverfront , River walk & Chill and Hang out

Asiatique the riverfront is one of the largest night market in Bangkok. Beside a beautiful Chaophraya river walk, there is a huge shopping area, where many inexpensive souvenir shops, good air conditioned restaurants, food courts and beer gardens with live music are located.

Also, it is a famous market where many activities can be found, such as Ferris wheel. Due to the large area, the market is divided into many sections, and the products sold are of mixed variety, such as hand-made souvenirs, carved woods, home decorations, clothes, painting, jewelry, etc. Bargaining should be done. This is another place where night life in Bangkok can be seen.

Some people go window shopping to kill time while waiting for the Calypso show to start. There are also puppet show and Muay Thai live show here which is the most glamorous puppet show in the country.

Muay thai Live

Calypso Show

2. Chatuchak Flower Market at night

In the evening of each Tuesday (5.00-10.00 pm), anyone who loves flowers, tree and garden decoration items, should not miss this place. You will enjoy walking around see nice flower, orchid and plants. It is a place for those who is garden mania.

3. Flower market  – Pakklong talad

This market is an awesome place to shop the flower in Bangkok at night. The Paklong Talad is divided into the 2 parts by different side of the street. One side has more imported flower and another side has local flower. With over 50 stores which is small merchant up to flower show. You can enjoy see how the Thai decorate flower and busy life there.

Pakklong Talad

4. Train Night Market (Ratchada)

The Train Market Ratchada is located in the heart of the city. it’s close to Cultural Centre MRT Underground Station. Open every day of the week at 5.00-12.00 pm This market is full with vintage stuffs. It is a great place for those who love ancient, classic thing and second hand products. Old watch, lamp, motorcycle spare part is also selling here. This area is open air, which you can walk around taste some drink, street food, snack or dessert while shopping a very unique product.

Train Market

5. Khao San Road

Khao San Road is another popular place to visit. It is the center of the tourists and you can shop in a very good price here. As the streets are filled with clothes, street food, night clubs, restaurants, Thai massage and much more. It opens every day, but will be more lively at night time. If you ‘re looking for a place to hang out Khao San road is definitely a must!.

This is the  example of crazy tourist in Bangkok. Hahaha

Khoasan road

6. Neon Night Market

This market is one of newes night mart ket in Bangkok. Located in the city center, near the Platinum Shopping Mall. It’s has a variety of stuff just like Train Night Market Ratchada but smaller. The easiest way to get there is to get a Taxi or BTS Chid Lom Station, then walk 10-15 minutes. it’s open Thursday to Sunday, 5.00-12.00 pm

Neon Night Market

7. ArtBox Night Market

The ArtBox night market has received the attention from tourists because it’s different from the other night market. The stalls are located in shipping containers which makes it look cool. Things that you can find here are mostly food and each of them are unique. it’s open Thurs- Sun 4.00-11.00 pm. To keep in touch where Art Box Bangkok is heading to next, check their Facebook page.

FB :


ChangChui is an inventive night market. The concept is to make this as new destination for new generation or you can say that this is the center for creative people. It has Art Gallery, Theatre, Cafe& Restaurant , Private Museum, Creative Shop, Street food and much more. It’s open Tues – Sun 4.00-11.00 pm.

Chang Chui

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One night in Bangkok is not enough, isn’t it?

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