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Welcome to LJ Biz Co.ltd , Tour operators in Thailand
We glad that you are here and want to know about us more.

Where we begin the journey on tourism road?

My sister (Ms. Buay )and I (Ms. Eng) are the co-founders of LJ Biz travel service. We were born in Nakonrachasima Province; North East. We came to Bangkok in 1993.

English is a second language for Thai student so not many Thailand can communicate in English well. In 2000, I enrolled with Au-pair in America program for one year. One year later, Buay when to America for study English.

Since we return, we realized that if we do not use English in our daily life, our English communication skill will go for good.

So in 2003, Buay and I went to tour guide training class and there was our journey began

LJ Biz with long experience walking on a road of tourism

It is hard to believe and time fly. We are already staying in the tour business over 10 years, We have worked as tour operators in Thailand  more than 10 years.

We must admit that we enjoy the journey even sometime it is hard to smile on this rough road.

Another thing is we love this town.

You heard it right


Believe it or not.

Now, we are a Bangkok resident for almost 20 years.

A wise man said “you will not appreciate what you have until you lose it or hear it praised by others.”

We agree with that since we have learned an appreciation of our surroundings by hearing our clients praise the sites and how good Bangkok when we go with them. The more we live and work in the tourist field, the more we enjoy sharing our excitement with others, and the more love we feel for Bangkok as well as we see our visitors fall in love with our “City of Angels.”

What keep us walking and stay in this industry

As Natives of Thailand and locals in Bangkok, we want to share their more selections, exotic, exclusive, unknown and unseen sites.

That’s why we decided to start to be a Thailand tour operator, who will dedicate to introducing travelers with a taste for the very best and most exciting features of our city and country.

Whether you want to travel on your own, or with a guide, we hope that LJ Biz (Tour operator in Bangkok) can help you save time and money by giving some background information about Bangkok & Thailand which could be useful for your holiday planning. We are here to help, and are delighted when we can be of service to you!

Our mission

We believe tourists deserve a good, fun and memorable holiday. The satisfaction of our customers and respect from local people are our greatest assets.

Our Promise

1. We employ quality staff to elevate our standards of service and to achieve your expectation. Quality staff means experienced, service-minded, knowledgeable tour guides with good communication skills.

2. We will ensure that you get to spend your time the way you plan to spend it.

3. Experience our culture and heritage. Our staff will share with you unique and interesting stories and experiences.

4. Our goal is to keep everybody happy. We treat our local suppliers, local people and staff with the utmost respect. About Us

Why us?

Freedom of choice

We have many set tour package on our Thailand tour package, Bangkok Day tour, Southeast Asia vacation holiday program, attraction, Dinner cruise with vary of budget and varieties selection. The itinerary is well designed or adjustable from our standard tour package list. As a local tour operator, so we can find tune and make a change for you as quick as possible. You can put everything in our caring hands, knowing we will save your time and money as you visit places that are unique and fascinating.

Small Bangkok tour Operator, Easy to talk and willing to be Flexible

For maximum flexibility event during on tour, just communicate with our guide how do you want to twist the tour. We do our best for you and explain if it is not possible.

Small Group Travel and Cultural Insight

We love to work with small groups. Visitors can experience a unique insight with local people, our culture and ways of life totally different travel experience from mass produced packages.

Go with Friendly Tour Guide & Story Telling and More

Most of our qualify tour guides are our friends, we know them for a long time. They surely will take special care when you are here. Our friends have lots of a story, folktale, or legend dealing with local belief and history based on facts, or told just for fun during the trip. They have a special way of telling their stories that you absolutely will enjoy.

During the trip, we do our best to make things on track for every group that join the tour with us. We double check with our staff all the times.

We treat our third Party and Partner well

We are a small and private company. We treat local people, our staff, and our partners with respect by sharing fair benefits and showing deep respect. Nevertheless, we do not disturb the culture, environment and unique, original ways of the local people.

License Thailand TOUR OPERATOR base in Bangkok

We are an officially registered Thai tour operator, owned and operated by native Thais. Therefore, all benefits are shared back into the local community.

I hope we will be able to share our beautiful Thailand with you.

Our Product & Service and Skills

We are a Thailand tour operator company specializing in customized tours throughout Thailand & Southeast Asia. We are a young, energetic generation who would like to share our beauty and cultural heritage with visitors.

We reply quickly with a quotation which is value for your money for your consideration.

Year of company’s establishment : 2004

Our primary products are:

Private tour with licensed tour guide to escort tourists in Thailand and Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam , Malaysia and Singapore Tour vacation for F.I.T customer which is mixed between join tour & private tour

Hotel Booking Air ticket Booking & other mode of transportation booking Transfer service between cities Day Tour Package Tour Deal Of attractions & Dinner Cruise

Our sub-predatory products are:

Event & Incentive tour program

Preferred international market: English speaking language

Multiple-language capacity: Spanish, Germany, Korean, France, Italian, Cambodia


Company registration and member

Tour Operators in Thailand Registration number: 11/03638 : Date of Registration: August 23, 2004

Registration authority: Tourism Authority of Thailand Bangkok office

Association of Thai Travel Agent (ATTA) : 03155

Thailand Tourism Council

Website registered with The Department of Business Development, Thailand

Our Team

Eng, MS. Pimolpun Larpyongyos, founder and managing director

Eng received a MS degree in Economics from Kasetsart University in 1999. In 2001, she joined Au pair program in America for one year before After that, she started a career path as a tour guide in her home country. In 2004, Eng founded LJ Biz company. In 2005, she set up a website www.lets-tour-bangkok.com. Since then, she has dedicated herself to creating tour products and all kinds of solutions to suite customers’ need.

She loves following cultural destinations and always looking exotic and unique local experience to blend it with the main sightseeing. She also loves the tour business since it helps the country and gains lot of fun experience with tourists and local people


Buay, MS. Khanchana Larpyongyot, founder and Sales & Operation Manager

Buay received Master degree in food TECH from KMUT. She worked as a researcher for a year before switching her career path to a tour guide since she wanted to practice her English and loved to participate with people.

After years of being a tour guide, she has made a lot of friends with foreigners and Thai tour guides. Those friends later help and work with us. Buay is taking a full responsibility to take care of clients once they arrive till the last day with us. She will make sure things go well with clients.



Heang, Mr. Porndheb Larpyongyot, founder and Business consultant

Heang is Eng & Buay elder brother who assist us in the management and procedure of work flow. He was a manager in a construction equipment factory since he had a degree in engineering. He makes our operation team stronger by the use knowledge in engineering background apply in the service business.

He loves golf and photography. He did a lot business travel in the pass and just started to interest history and culture trip. The trip to Angkor with LJ Biz was starting point of his new interest.


Oam , Ms . Jittima Pongpalee , Account

Oam is our accountant team support. She has joined our team since late of 2014. She has a degree in finance and worked in car assembly and trading business before. She is one of the most service minded accountant that we have ever dealt with. Beside accountant knowledge, she loves to learn about tour products.


Kwan, Ms Nathakan Thongsuk   , Sales Representative

Kwan (Nickname) is our sales team. She has a degree in planning, tourism from Silpakorn University. Kwan joins our office in 2016. Kwan never has experience of working in the tour operator office before. But Kwan is a quick learning person and a service mined person.

She has a routine of help customers to reserved service of attractions, dinner cruise and activities. She will check availability and make sure customer get the best seat and conveniences before service date. She has good personal skill and best to communicate with the supplier. Whatever you want, Kwan will do her best to get that for you.




Address :

40/83 Sailom home office., Intamara soi 8, Sam sen nai, Payatai, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Tel : +66-2-616-6007 Fax : +66-2-616-6008 Hotline : +66-1-731-6556,+66-1-638-8694 (24hr)

Web site : http://www.lets-tour-bangkok.com

E-mail : sales1@lets-tour-bangkok.com

Office hours : Monday – Friday from 08.30 – 17.30 hrs. Urgent contract for 24 hours through hotline

Primary contact : Ms.Pimolpun Larpyongyos Title : General Manager

Alternate contact : Ms.Khanchana Larpyongyos Title : Sales Manager

8.30 AM-5.30 PM Office Hour

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Ter.02-616-6007 , 086-342-3148 Tour Operator License No: 11-03638