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How do we get start to be Thailand tour operator & DMC ?

Buay and I have been a tour guide since 2002 and we just want to own tour business.  That was how we start.

We start from scratch since back then we do not money to invest. In the old day, the only way to get business was going to trade show or road shows to visit oversea agent.

We chose to open tour company and use the website to advertise our product that was our beginning.

———-WHY we do this business ( Thailand Tour Operator )?———-

I rewrite this page in early of 2019. So it has been over 15 years in the tour business. OMG time runs fast.

I think the question must change why we still do this business?

We believe tour guide is a key to making a successful trip. We want to make a wonderful trip for visitors.

After visitors return home –

They still remember us

They smile when say or think about experience with us

Wat SriSuwan- Chiang mai


Great tour guide can

  • Help to understand the culture, way of living, and our believe
  • Help to connect with local people  – say hi and embracing with another
  • Help to understating history, politics, and mindset and way of people think
  • Make you laugh out loud sometime during the trip
  • Make you exiting to taste something that you never try before
  • Guide visitor for helping the local business, some small shop they have good stuff on sale , you can buy there


We are in the SERVICE BUSINESS that is how we want to make it happened . And we do it since people think it has value. We can not do this if some day. AI or machine can everything for visitors.

For example.

  • Aps can help you translate language very good. Technology seems to catch up real soon
  • Google or someone makes an aps or something that can have story of every sport so visitors can talk to the apps. – Not sure when it will happen.
  • A day that people stop talking to one another just ask mobile or some devise for every single question, our tour probably not be able to make people enjoy the trip.

Who is our clientele?

Direct customer

Check out our Facebook fan page .. So lot of people come with us .

Family Size

Group Size – business trip


We work with OTA. 

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How people say about us?

We really want to say “ Please trust us, we are reliable travel agent” , but know sure you are going to believe .

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Register business

We register business locally.


Tourism Authority of Thailand is a tourism license from Thai government


This license is organized by Division of Tourism Business and Guide Registration

You can check tour company that sill in business or back listing .


ATTA  :  Association of Thai Travel Agent

We are member to connect to other travel supplier and we able to access insight information related to gernment.


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Address :

40/83 Sailom home office., Intamara soi 8, Sam sen nai, Payatai, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Tel : +66-2-616-6007 Fax : +66-2-616-6008 Hotline : +66-1-731-6556,+66-1-638-8694 (24hr)

Web site : http://www.lets-tour-bangkok.com

E-mail : sales1@lets-tour-bangkok.com

Office hours : Monday – Friday from 08.30 – 17.30 hrs. Urgent contract for 24 hours through hotline

Primary contact : Ms.Pimolpun Larpyongyos Title : General Manager

Alternate contact : Ms.Khanchana Larpyongyos Title : Sales Manager


8.30 AM-5.30 PM Office Hour

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