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Useful information about Asia and Thailand travel guides, related to buy package tour and plan your trip before visit
  • Booking the package tour
  • The package I need is not listed, what should I do?
  • Hotel and air ticket Booking
  • Professional and License tour guide
  • Deposit and  Payment Detail
  • Policy and Security
  • What is your refund policy for cancellations and change?
  • Private and Join Tour
  • Flexibility once you are on tour
  • Smoking or Non Smoking
  • Food and Hygiene
  • Dress Code
  • Vehicle
  • Money and Currency
  • How much should I take in traveler’s cheques/cash? Can you change traveler’s cheques? Can I use my credit card during my trip?
  • Are there western toilets available?
  • Are airport transfers included in the trip price? If not, how much will a taxi cost from the airport?
  • What time can I check in?
  • Can I take my young children?


  • This website is owned by LJ Biz Co.ltd. We base in Bangkok and own by Thai, who was once work as tour guide. We are member of Thailand Tourism council, Tourism Authority of Thailand and ATTA (Association of Thai Travel Agents .  ( ATTA Number : 03155, TAT License Number: 11/03638)

Booking the package tour

  • You can view our products and select the tour from list. We will reply within 24 hours, except weekend and long holiday. Then, we will give you the rate and inform what is inclusion and exclusion. After the payment reach us, we will provide all document such as e-ticket of your flight, hotel voucher, service voucher, confirmed itinerary and tour guide name in each destination.
The package I need is not listed, what should I do?
  • If you are looking for a tour in our coverage, we are certain we can help you customize your vacation. Give us your preference through our form and we can help to create your dream vacation package.
Hotel and air ticket Booking
  • For your convenient, we can book hotel for you all over Thailand and our neighbor country. However, we open for you to book direct to product supplier and we can arrange the transfer and all sightseeing service.
  • Air ticket booking is valid for domestic and regional of south east Asia. For international flight we are not be able to provide

Professional and License tour guide

  • Our tour guide is local tour guide with registration number of Tourism Authority of Thailand. They are high skilling of communicate in English or other language such as Spanish, Germany, France, Chinese and etc.

Deposit and  Payment Detail

  • Basically, we request 30% of total payment to secure the booking. If you already request air ticket and hotel booking we might request more amount of deposit which is depend on the supplier
  • Balance payment, customer can pay balance on their arrival date in cash for those who interest in day tour or service without hotel booking. For those who book tour and hotel must pay 30 days before arrival
  • Method of payment : Payment can be made by wire transfer, online credit card payment, paypal.com or mail order process by offline credit card
  • Currency of payment, most of our quotation are in Thai Baht but we can convert into foreign currency for your convenient and you do not need to carry the Thai Baht from your hometo pay us. It is easy to make exchange at Thai airport and you can get a very good currency exchange rate.

Policy and Security

  • The information contained in this website been prepared in good faith from both internal and external sources. The information is believed to be accurate and current at the date the information was placed on the web site but is subject to change or withdrawal without notice. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to its completeness or accuracy. We shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect loss arising from the use of the information contained in the website.
  • Security of Personal information. We keep customer information secure, and using it only as our customers would want us to, is a top priority for all of us. We collects personal information that relates to travel bookings but never makes your personal details available to other companies for marketing purposes other than for the marketing of our branded products and services. We may hold your personal details in order to process your order and/or maintain your account and/or for research purposes.
What is your refund policy for cancellations and change?  
  • Cancellation and change of confirmed bookings with lets-tour-bangkok.com  must be done by email. No refunds will be given for phone . See refund policy from our terms and condition page .

Private and Join Tour

  • For those who book private tour, the tour is only for your group. You deserve the right add or decrease number of visitor but the rate of tour per person or total number of traveler is subjected to change. You should give notice in advance. We recommended to let’s us know one weeks before travel date. Please note in some activities including in private tour, you may need to join with other customer such as Dinner cruise and show.
  • Join tour (coach tour): We do offer join tour which operate by another tour operator. It is offer tour to most popular sights at a competitive cost. Join tour is fixed pick up time and itinerary . Please note it will take some time to collect tourist in different location.
Flexibility during tour
  • PRIVATE TOUR : Once you are on tour and you may be want to change itinerary, you can talk to our guide. If it is not too excessive, our tour guide can manage for your. Otherwise, we can explain why we can not do it.
  • Join TOUR (coach tour) : you can not make a change itinerary at all

Smoking or Non Smoking
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  • Thailand: Thailand has quite strict laws regarding smoking which means the only place you can smoke is outside in designated smoking areas. You are not permitted to smoke in any public place including the BTS and MRT stations, on trains or buses, in taxis or any hire vehicle. Also, smoking is prohibited in any air conditioned building including shopping centres, restaurants and pubs.
  • Smoking in the vehicle ? No, we are not allow smoking in vehicle

Food and Hygiene

  • Spicy Food Concern: Thai food is well known as spicy taste but there are plenty of dishes are not spicy at all. Our guide can help you to find tune with your food flovorit.
  • Food restriction : Some visitor may subjected to various dietory condition. It might be related to health conditions, or religion issue. If you can inform us in advance, we do our best to adjust for you
  • Food serve in Thailand is good standard of preparation & cooking and hygiene. However, some people may not accustom to our food which may cause some trouble. You should avoid some spicy food, salad and cold food. For those daily product might cause some stomach upset as well.

Dress Code

  • Once visit Buddhist temple, there are some dress codes in place. Women must cover their shoulders and knees. Tank tops, short skirts, shorts, shawls and scarves are not permitted. Tights cannot be worn as an outer garment. As well, bright colours, such as red, orange, and pink are not allowed. These colours excite the tigers, and are not permitted on the grounds.
  • Grand Palace : A strict dress code applies while visit Thailand’s most sacred site, visitors must be properly dressed before being allowed entry to the temple. Men and woman must wear long pants and shirts with sleeves. No tank tops or singlets. Pants must cover the ankles. See-through clothes or bare shoulders are not allow. No shorts or tights as outer garment. If long pants are worn they must cover the ankles. Proper shoes must be worn by everyone. No flip flops.


  • We normally provide Toyota Van with A/C . The van consist of nine seat. If you travelling by car to visit many city with the tour so called “Around Tour”. We will let’s only 6 person per vehicle

Money and Currency

  • Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, visitor can use local currency. But please bring USD, Euro or world famous currency to exchange at local Bank. For visiting Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia, you can bring US dollar to use. Making a change to local currency little by little is a good idea since some country the bank do not  allow to change local currency back to foreign currency.
How much should I take in traveller’s cheques/cash? Can you change traveller’s cheques? Can I use my credit card during my trip?
  • How much should I take in traveller’s cheques/cash? Can you change traveller’s cheques? Can I use my credit card during my trip?
  • Currency and banking services and other money matters differ between nations. Check for ATM locations in specific countries for – Mastercard or Visa. For detailed recommendations specific to your trip, please see the Spending Money and Money Exchange sections.

Are there western toilets available?

Some trips have regular access to western toilets while others don’t. As a general rule, the more remote the place the less likely you are to find western bathroom facilities.

Are airport transfers included in the trip price?

Transfers are generally not included in the price for most of the trips. If there are any change in your flight, kindly contact us asap. The biggest airport in this region is Bangkok, click to see more information on meeting point.
What time can I check in?
Generally check-in in Asia is midday. For specific details, as there are exceptions, please refer to your Trip Notes for details. Read more for check in tips.

Can I take my young children?

We welcome children on our trips and have introduced the following guidelines to ensure the best possible experience both for the children:  We will explain is the tour suitable for younger children.
  1. For the majority of our trips the minimum age for children is 12. A minimum age of 18 applies to many of our Overland Adventures, while a minimum age of 5 applies to our Family trips.
  2. Children 12 – 17 years old must be accompanied by an adult traveller who is responsible for the child’s day to day care.
  3. A maximum of 3 children per adult traveler applies on our non-family trips.
  4. If there is a group of 3 consisting of 2 adults with 1 child, it may not be possible to double room with extra bed.