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Full name  :  Surintron Hsu

Nick Name : Aom

Born in 1973

Born and raise in city , town name  :  In Saraburi province

Degree   Bachelor / Education in English

Language skill  English, Chinese mandarin, and studying Spanish

Area of interest :  Love travel with kids

Please in introduce yourself (personality , hobby , goal of life perhaps) *

My name is Surintron. Nick name is Aom .I like to work service and take care of people..I am a good relationship and easy to get along with other

City / country that you can work

Bangkok , Kanchanaburi, Floating market, around tour, Hua hin , Pattaya, outside Thailand


Why you become tour guide ? *

I like to travel .. like to have a lot of friends .. like service .. and like to take care of people and take to recommend Thailand.

Place you live to visit ? and Why ? *

At damnoen sadauk floating market and khoyai Internationalpark .because the client like to see the weather outside of the city..the boat view the scenery. The natural weather green area from the trees.

What complement do you get most from your customers? *

Smile from the client..they will like what I provide and take them to various places.

Idea for Thailand trip that you like to recommend . It could be activities, itinerary, or things that people should not miss *

I will recommend customers to cook thai foods or teach to about thai herb and plant s..can cure illnesses.

Tell the benefit of hire tour guide *

Is an independent career.this job can do till elderly.

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Should i hire Bangkok tour guide?

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