Chiang Mai tour guide – Information & Interview guide


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Interview Chiang Mai tour guide : Boon

Chiang Mai tour guide : 
Sawaddee chao (hello), I am Boon, a Northern local Tour Guide. My home town is in Chiang Mai. The below is my interview. I would like to share my knowledge and experience to you. I will make your holidays wonderful and fantastic.

Boon information : Chiang Mai tour guide

: Itipat Lertchaisak (Boon)
University/ Degree: Chiang Mai University/ Bachelor of Liberal Arts
Tour guide experience: since 1985
Experience: Honored Tour guide by Tourism Authority of Thailand
Knowledge base: Culture, Sightseeing, and nightlife

Boon interview : Chiang Mai tour guide

1. Please introduce yourself 

I was born in Chiang Mai, the North of Thailand. As I have been working as a Chiang Mai tour guide since 1985, I am well-known in the North region. The officers of Tourism Authority of Thailand like to ask me to be an honored guide for their group. My clients liked me a lot because I am easy going and can get along with people of all age groups. Adding some joke makes them happy and fun; as a result, I am happy as well. Another personality is that I am a very flexible person. This type of personality is very common among all Thai people.

2. Why have you chosen to become a tour guide and be Chiang Mai tour guide ?

Studying histories and literatures is my favorite. I have read a lot about that, so I would like to share my knowledge about Thai history especially the North which is linked to other histories such as Vientiane, Sukhothai and Ayutthaya to both Thais and foreigners.

3. What are some of the places you like to visit? 

Going to City Tour is the place where I like to visit the most because a way of local lives can be seen. A market is interesting to walk inside to see what they sell and how they work. The Northern lifestyle is unique. Also, I like to go to ancient temples in moats where are full of history. Hill tribes are also fascinating.

4.What do you do during your free time? 

The Buddhists believe in Karma. Do good things, the good things will come to you. I like to make a merit, for example to give offerings and donations to temples and poor people. My group and I like to bring blankets to the poor in rural areas and build libraries to poor schools.

5. What complements do you get most from your customers? 

Informative and conservation on traditional custom. Also,
I looked like a Chiang Mai presenter because I always dress up with Northern local costumes.

6. What would you like to share with tourists that would help promote Thailand? 

Thailand is a wonderful place to visit. Even though there were some internal conflicts, do not worry. It is not too violent. The Government enables to control the situations every time. We also have the King as the Head of State whom the Thais highly respect and we believe what he said.

7. Tell us about your impressions of your clients

All testimonials are my impression. My clients wrote how they liked the trip. Those are like awards for me to work better and better.

8. What do you tell tourists to visit in the North of Thailand? 

Please come to see the beauty of Thailand with cooler air and friendly & kind locals. The history and authentic food are waiting for you here!

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