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Phanom Luasubchat

Born in Year *  1974

Born and raise in city , town name Buriram

First year of work as tour guide * 1999

Degree/ University * Naresuan University

Degree * Bachelor Degree

Special talent singing, story teller, Photographer
Language skill English, Laos
Area of interest Food and Guamet, Relaxing, Cultural and history, Animal lover, Community base tourism, Art and architecture
Please in introduce yourself (personality , hobby , goal of life perhaps) *
I am a hard-working, patient, service- minded, helpful, friendly,easy- going, committed, and problem solving skillful person. My hobby is reading, jogging, and watching Thai Football. My goal of life is to be happy with what I have.
City / country that you can do the work
Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Floating market, Chiang mai – day tour, Around tour from Bangkok to Chiang mai, Around Thailand tour, Outside Thailand, Hua Hin with overnight, Damnoen saduak and Amphawa
Why you become tour guide ? *
I love showing my country to tourists, meeting many people and sharing my knowledge
Places you like to visit ? and Why ? *
Europe and America. Because I think Europe and America have many different things from Thailand.So, I want to see something different.
What complement do you get most from your customers? *
I always get new experience from my customers.Mostly, they like to ask me the very difficult questions. For example, Why are there many transexual people in Thailand especially Kratoey? Why does Wednesday have 2 symbolic Buddha images, a Buddha image for Wednesday at day and a Buddha image for Wednesday at night ? Why Thai people like to eat spicy food?
Idea for Thailand trip that you like to recommend . It could be activities, itinerary, or things that people should not miss *
Every activity should focus on local touch.
Benefit of traveling with tour guide *

A tour guide can help a tourist much more than google. It saves a lot of time while travelling with a tour guide. Moreover, a tour guide can explain what a tourist doesn’t understand while travelling. A tourist will get some knowledge and understand correctly about the tourist attraction where a tourist visiting. Furthermore, it is convenience and safety while travelling with a tour guide. Lastly, a tour guide can mak a tourist’s holiday wonderful. So, a qualified tour guide is the best answer for a tourist.

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