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Bangkok River Cruise – Night Experience along the river

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What can you get from Bangkok river cruise experience ?

Bangkok river is one of the most famous activities in the evening. A lot of reasons that hundred thousand  of visitors choose to do so? We have observed in various social media and travel site review and find out a lot of reasons to buy Bangkok river cruise ticket.

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  1. Night view. The Bangkok view at night is stunning.
  2. Easy way to experience Thai food . Many cruise operators serve Thai food and international and Thai food together.
  3. Luxury – Most cruise operators make the cruise nice and pretty.
  4. Fun – There are live show on the cruise. It is like a mini concert that visitors could lets loose and entertain.
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How much is a dinner cruise in Bangkok ?

Bangkok river cruise price is around 1,500 – 2,500 or 30-80 USD per person. This is a price from a service provider. Finding a discount rate as from our website can get a good deal discount from 15-35 %.  That is a good reason to buy tickets in advance and get a good rate right.

However, it is better to make sure what kind of cruise line you are looking for? Quit , luxury or good entertainment.

During the peak period cruise line will upgrade service and charge more than normal rate such as during New year’s eve or loy krathong.

Service of Chaophraya cruise

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Bangkok river cruise night service

Bangkok nightlife and dining on the Bangkok Choa phaya river cruise services offer various styles of cruise which is a luxurious cruise to traditional Thai rice barge cruise. It could be private and cozy up to elegant feeling.

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Service time

The cruise service starting time is from 18:00-20:00. During cool season the Sun is completely gone meanwhile it is twilight.

During special holidays such as new year or loy krathong . the service may be up till midnight .


Many of cruise lines serve international buffet or set menus. Warm cook food is served for everyone on board. The food serves on the cruise is included traditional Thai food, salad, dessert, bakery and seasonal fruits are enough for everyone.

Service and Entertainment

Besides good meal, using Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise service has showed and live music to entertain your night in Bangkok. A live band performs jazz, pop and popular music that you could sing and dance along. Short break from live brand are different in each cruise. It might be cabaret show , traditional Thai dance and puppet show.

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What to see during the trip with Bangkok river cruise?

It is a good way to observe Bangkok nightlife along the river. Most of Bangkok Choa Phaya River cruise service passes the heart of old Bangkok. The visitor can see the Bangkok Grand Palace, Temple of Dawn, Wat Pho, Rama VIII bridge, Sapan Bhut, and luxury 5 star hotel. Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise which operates by Choaphraya cruise goes southward till Asiatique which is a new landmark of Bangkok.

wat arun

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Bangkok river cruise without dinner

There are a cruise service with out dinner which is Yod Siam cruise . Another one is offer disco tech which is White orchid river cruise.

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Bangkok river cruise Indian dinner

The cruise operators that serve Indian food is Chaophraya princess. You must ask or tell the specific request. Due to Chaophraya princess will have 3 cruise service daily. Each one of them provides different services.

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Private Dinner cruise Bangkok

The cruise provider can provide private dinner cruise service. However, the terms and condition are different in each cruise line such as number of minimum visitor requirement, and price per person. The small cruise line such as loy nava , apsara , anantara or Yatch cruise line is requiring less number of visitors than a bigger one .

Private cruise can operate from  30 up to 600 people . It is good for business talk , wedding or company outing.

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Cruise Service

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Tour and Activities

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