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Day Cruise – Bangkok River Tour

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Chao phraya river cruise

Chao Phraya River is a long river to get through the heart of Thailand from the gulf of Thailand pass Bangkok, Autthaya and Nakaorn Sawan province. The cruise passes many cities , farm , factory, houses, temples, schools and ruin city.

This river name means the River of the King which was once the most popular way to connect from one city to another city.

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Boat tour Bangkok , Price?

Boat tour in Bangkok are in various price and many areas.

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Cruise trip to and from Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is a former is the capital city of Thailand was once so called the Kingdom of Siam. The city center are resident and historical park  consist of an archaeological site which has Palace, monasteries ,  Buddhist temple and  statues.

Ayutthaya and Bangkok are 80 kilometers by road. But these two cities are connected by the river of the King or Choaphraya River.  This is an ancient way that merchant and envoy use to travel between two major cities and access another part of Thailand.

Along the river of the King ,  there are Thai houses , school, farm , factory and temple. The wide river connects with small canals and links to other river which can access to various villages and communities.

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Bangkok Canal

Discover Bangkok by a small boat which is called James bond boat. Bangkok Canal is a sightseeing boat along the network of canal which links with the river of the King and  Saensaeb canal that connects between the Old town and New Town.

The canal trip can also access temple, palace and museum .

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Damnoen Saduak  Floating Market

Small village outside Bangkok, which full of plenty of coconut farm which can access market and see the green farm outside Bangkok. Damnoen Saduak is one of the most famous sightseeing and the most popular market in Thailand. This is a great place for joining boat trip, eating Thailand and  shopping.

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Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating Market is one of Thailand’s best floating markets and is an easy distance from Bangkok for a day trip, weekend or overnight .

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Klong Mahasawat

Khlong Mahasawat is  28 kilometre long canal which is not far from Bangkok. Now, Khlong Mahasawat  become a top agricultural tourism destination introduced to boost rural communities looking for new streams of income.  Farmers open their working farm such as lotus pond , orchid farm , and rice field.

Taking a long tailed boat along the canal in the morning is fun and you do not need to travel very long distance.  Klong Mahasawat is just 50 Kilometers away from Bangkok which is less than hour ride.

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Bangkok hop on hop off river boat

The Chao Phraya tourist boat is the original hop-on-hop-off boat service. The boat passes various sightseeing such as Grand palace, Wat Arun, Wat Pho, Flower Market, and Chinatown.

It is possible to access Asiatique shopping center.  The sky train stop links to boat station which is make the travel around Bangkok is very easy.

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What is the best river cruise Bangkok?

This is depend on what do you like ? Taking big cruise and travelling time around 3 hours , you can go with Ayutthaya day trip.

If you want to see more farm , you may take Khlong Mahasawat trip .

If you do not have long time and do not want to travel too far from Bangkok, you can consider Bangkok canal tour or Bangkok dinner cruise.

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Cruise Service