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The Ancient City Bangkok or Muang Boran is an open air museum. Muang Boran features a wide range of Thai architecture and symbolic which is Thailand and neighbor country’s most historically significant structure.

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What is Ancient city Bangkok or Mung Boran ?

The Ancient City Bangkok or Muang Boran is an open air museum. Muang Boran features a wide range of Thai architecture and symbolic which is Thailand and neighbor country’s most historically significant structure.
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There are over 116 buildings and monuments such as Chidi , Bot , Palace , Pavillions, Sanctuary, Bell towers, floating market, Buddha statues and shine place in a beautiful environment that integrate harmoniously. Ancient city Bangkok has a nice atmosphere that visitors will perceive and appreciate the continuity of history, cultures, religions, arts and customs of Thai people from then until now

Who’s involve with Ancient city

Ancient city Bangkok is a park constructed under the patronage of Mr.Lek Viriyaphant. Mr. Lek was a national business owner. He founded various kinds of company such as insurance, automobile , bank, and newspaper. At young age, he studied in China and travel extensively. It was inspired him to learning history and preserve culture and heritage. In 1963 , he found Ancient city Bangkok. Later on, he built the Sanctuary of the truth in 1981. In 1994, he built Erawan Museum.

Why lets-tour-bangkok encourages you to visit Ancient city Bangkok?

The Ancient City is the ideal place to learn and see the Thai heritage.

• Visiting the Ancient City is comparable to a Thailand-round journey within a day

• The layout preserves the pattern of traditional Thai lifestyles, which is hard to behold nowadays.

• Near Suwananbhumi Airport, only about 40 minutes away and one hour from the city and easy to access by express way. It is the perfect sightseeing for a Bangkok stop over or cruise traveler.

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Ancient city Bangkok Review

This section is about gathering information of Muang Boran Visitors . How do they like and dislike this place? We select various points of view of individual visitors.

Certainly, it is not possible that one product can fit to everybody. Let’s find out what do they think of this place.


A cultural mini city aims to preserve Siamese heritage

Simon L, from Singapore, TripAdvisor on May 2017

Simon travels around this site for 2.5 hours by using the buggy. He wondered why not so many tourists. On the other hand it was great that less people here since it’s a rare luxury to have the place almost all by yourself without other tourist appearing out of nowhere blocking your view of taking nice pictures. He like this place since he can really see and feel the effort of the founder of this ancient city founder trying to preserve all these heritage for the next generations.

Good to see

Seenivasan M, from India , TripAdvisor May 2017

It was just a wonderful place to visit. It has many creatures and local township models with floating market. An awesome creation of art works.

Wonderful attraction

Bubueiwona , from Italy , TripAdvisor May 2017

We visited Muang Boran during our 10th trip to Thailand, it was just wonderful and reminded me Italia in Miniatura in Italy just much bigger and curated. Surprisingly the weather there was much fresher than Bangkok and it came to be a very interesting experience.

A Hidden Gem

Joann K, From United State, TripAdvisor Feb 2017

The site is absolutely magical. There was no one there when we visited. The most important feature for me was the effort to preserve Thai culture and heritage. If you have the time and transportation, it is a fabulous place to spend the day.

Almost the best museum I’ve ever been

P, From China, TripAdvisor 2017

I really love this kind of museum, some people complain that there are few real things , yes but so what? Otherwise, we won’t have a chance to see those stunning historical sites in our live, and they know what they are doing , just do great jobs, not just give perfunctory. 700b is a little bit expensive, but compared with works they did, it’s not a bid deal, and the place even now is in construction which is continued over 30,40 years. There is a rich group hold this place, I don’t think this place makes profits, because in the day when I was there, I saw only 3,4 groups( include Thai local people) , and less than 30, 50 tourists…


Outrageous Pricing Not Justified For This Attraction

Makawao22, United State , TripAdvisor Mar 2017

You get the feeling that you’re in Disneyland and the replicas superficial. What’s most infuriating is the pricing which is 700 baht per person. Yes, I could have decided to turn around and not pay the entrance fee. However, after traveling so far to get here I felt obliged to proceed. They also charged us 1,200 Baht (almost $40) to rent a golf cart for 3 hours. All in all this place is a definite rip-off.

Only go if you speak Thai

Andee110 , Milwaukee, TripAdvisor Jan 2017

Local guide on the trip point out every everything in Thai, event requested to speak in English. Half of stop , the audio guide did not work. They mansion the admission fee was expensive. They do not like the staffs which are not speak English and unpleasant. They also had lunch there and have been ill for the rest of the day.

Go see the real thing

Pequas , Australia, TripAdvisor May 2016

There isn’t much to say about this place. The only positive is that they have done a good job at imitating real places ,but you pay 700 THB do see them. Go visit Ayutthaya if you want to see something authentic and beautiful.

We hope you find this useful, and get the finally make the decision right


Bangkok- Ancient city

Daily Open 09:00 – 19:00 hrs

You could visit Bangkok ancient city anytime you like during office hour. However, we recommend to visit in early morning or late after noon.


– Taking pictures
– Cycling
– Eating at the floating market

***  The area of the Bangkok Ancient city is around 300 acres . From the entrance to the first sightseeing at floating market. It is almost  1 kilometer long.  So keep this in mind and plan well with your mode of transport. ***

If you are really into history, we highly recommend to bring a private guide with you.

Click for Ancient city tour.

Terms and Conditions

Optional Activities  / Additional Charge

  • Private Transfer from city center hotel at 2,300 THB/ Van for maximum 9 persons for 6 hours service (including express way but excluding car fee to enter Bangkok ancient city -400 THB) 
  • Buggy ride 150 THB/ hours – cover the whole area take 2.5-3 hours (maximum 2 persons)
  • Buggy ride 300 THB/ hours – cover the whole area take 2.5-3 hours (maximum 4 persons)
  • Buggy ride 450 THB/ hours – cover the whole area take 2.5-3 hours (maximum 6 persons)
  • Biking 100 THB/ bicycle


  • Sightseeing as the itinerary including admission fee as stated in program


  • English Speaking Guide
  • Addmission fee for your own car
  • Government VAT  

Ancient City Bangkok : Remark

  • Rates for child apply kids age 6-14 years old
  • Child under 5 years old is free 


Round 1 10:00-12:00

Round 2 13:00-15:00

Round 3 15:00-17:00

Round 4 17:00-19:00

Audio Guide rental valid in Thai, English, Chinese , Korea, and Russia

Bring your own car : pay entrance fee for car 400 THB/vehicle

Ancient City Bangkok FULL RATE

Adult – 700 THB/person

Child (6-14 Years ) 350 THB/person

Price (Ticket & Activities)

Admission Fee (adult)

700 THB  (Full rate for Adult)

Admission fee (Child)

350 บาท (ราคาเต็ม)

Personal Vehicle /Entry

+400 THB/each (09.00-16.00)
+200 THB/each (16.00-19.00)


  1. Rental  golf  cart  2  seats  150  Baht per Hour.
  2. Rental  golf  cart  4  seats  300  Baht per Hour.
  3. Rental  golf  cart  6  seats  450  Baht per Hour.

** Conditions

–          Rental service for golf car is available for adult over 18 years old.

–          Please show your Thai driving license or International driving license.

** Free!! Audio Guide Device Service (English / Chinese/ Thai/ Korean/ Russia)