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Tour name Apsara dinner cruise
Destination Bangkok
Category CR-Dinner Cruise
Duration 2 Hours

฿ 2,300.00


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Apsara Dinner cruise is part of the Bangkok Banyan tree hotel, a top worldwide brand of 5 star hotel. It’s kind of like floating restaurant. But they serve set menu. Thai food set serve by 3 courses in fusion style. Since the food was cook and design by hotel chef

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Apsara Dinner Cruise  : Ramantic Bangkok River Cruise

To compare people with cruise or boat, I would like to say Absara dinner cruise is like female Asian lady waring Thai dress.

That is a character of the Apsara river cruise

If you are looking most of the Bangkok river cruise service, they will offer are big cruise in modern design. So Apsara dinner cruise is quite unique and 

Do you like what I try to explain

By the way, the reason I compare Apsara with Asian female. Since Apsara is a name of the angle. When you go to Angkor Wat and Siem Reap, you will see a lot of Apsara decorates as lower release craft in the wall.  

OK, let’s get down to business

What is Apsara Dinner Cruise?

Apsara Dinner cruise is part of the Bangkok Banyan tree hotel, a top worldwide brand of 5 star hotel. It’s kind of like floating restaurant. But they serve set menu. Thai food set serve by 3 courses in fusion style. Since the food was cook and design by hotel chef.

What else that makes Apsara Dinner cruise more interesting?

They have a traditional Thai dance and live Thai music instrument called Cim , playing all trip long.


You can also enjoy stunning views along the river of the king (Chaopraya river) for 2 hours long trip. Apsara cruise passing main sightseeing such as the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Rama VIII bridge and many more. 

Viewing Bangkok sightseeing from the Apsara  Dinner Cruise is a different feeling from normal tour. Plus, at night the spotlight which highlight the Grand Palace is very nice to admire.

Most visitors will love the extra ordinary view and enjoy the luxury atmosphere that the Banyan tree provided.

Who will like Apsara Dinner Cruise service?

Good questions. I think honeymooner , dating, or the couple will love Apsara dinner cruise. 

Why ? It is small, cozy and ultimate… they can accommodate maximum 60 guests only.

And every table will set one side which can see the view closely.

Who else?

A Business traveler may like Apsara dinner cruise. It is not a crown. It is a good chance for business chat since it is not too loud.  Plus, Thai looks and feels for food and cruise decoration will make your business partner impressive for sure.

It is also suited for small private parties among friend or special birthday or Gala dinner for instance.

General tourist may like it too, since it is very nice. 

Who that we do not recommend booking Apsara Dinner Cruise? 

Those who travel will small kids like a toddler or child age below 10 years old, may need to be careful. If their kids running around on the cruise, it will be a serious issue on safety. 

What people said about the Apsara Dinner cruise and post review on TripAdvisor

What people said about the Apsara dinner cruise review on tripadvisor ? 

We are not getting to take rank to show you. But we put together in summary which is easy to read and digest. There are some commend that you may take a look.

Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise

Joining Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise is one of the famous activities in the evening. Chao phaya river run passes the heart of the city. Cruising along the river to experience the history imprinted on the two side of the river. The river reflects the long original of Thai legacy and civilization which so called “The River of The King”.bangkok night life Dining on the Bangkok Choa phaya river cruise services offer various styles of cruise which is a luxurious cruise to traditional Thai rice barge cruise.

It could be private and cozy up to elegant feeling. Visitors could walk around and enjoy various views of Bangkok historical landmark. The open air section is very cool and nice after dark. Meanwhile the a/c room of big cruise is also comfortable for the guest. Basically, Bangkok Choa phaya river cruise services is 2 hours service. The starting time is from 18:00-20:00. During cool season the Sun is completely gone meanwhile it is twilight.

Type of food serves during Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise service could be international buffet or set menus. Warm cook food is served for everyone on board. The food serves on the cruise is included traditional Thai food, salad, dessert, bakery and seasonal fruits are enough for everyone. Besides good meal, using Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise service has show and live music to entertain your night in Bangkok. A live band performs jazz, pop and popular music that you could sing and dance along. Short break with show are different in each cruise. It might be cabaret show , traditional Thai dance and puppet show.

Bangkok night view. What do you see during the tour of Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise?

It is a good way to observe Bangkok nightlife along the river. Most of Bangkok Choa Phaya River cruise service passes the heart of old Bangkok. The visitor can see the Bangkok Grand Palace, Temple of Dawn, Wat Pho, Rama VIII bridge, Sapan Bhut, and luxury 5 star hotel. Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise which operates by Choaphraya cruise goes southward till Asiatique which is a new landmark of Bangkok. 

What is the best recommend Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise?

The good Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise for entertain is Choa phaya cruise. The most luxury or the biggest cruise is Wonderful pearl. Nice and elegant luxury traditional boat is Manorah cruise and Absara cruise. Meanwhile the local brand is loy nava.  Book , Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise with us, we offer special discount rates and easy to reserve the seat. The earlier you make a booking the better seat we can reserve for you.


Apsara Dinner Cruise Program

Enjoy 2 hours cruise along the river with Apsara Cruise

19:00 -19:15 Check in Apsara Dinner Cruise at River City Pier 2
20:00 Apsara cruise Departure
20:10 Start to serve starter and continue with main course
21:00 Thai dance
22:00 Return to River City


Food serve in Apsara Cruise

As I mention before that they serve set menu and fusion style.

It is not authentic Thai. But like mixed between western and Thai .

Love to take a picture ….you will like Apsara Dinner Cruise..

Good News

The food will look good and there are several things that you could try. 


Appetizer and Salad

Goong Sarong กุ้งสโร่ง , Larb Ped ลาบเป็ด , Yum Pla Muek ยำปลาหมึก , Yum Mamuang Pla Dokfu ยำมะม่วงดึกฟู , Yam Nuea Yang  ยำเนื้อย่าง, Yam Som-O ยำส้มโอ

Thai Dip

Nam prik Long Leau น้ำพริกลงเรือ


Tom Yam Goong ต้มยำกุ้ง

Main Dishes

Poo Nim Pad Prik Tai On ปูนิ่มผัดพริกไทอ่อน , Pla Sam Rod  ปลาสามรส, Gai Phad Med Mamuang ไก่ผัดเม็ดมะม่วง , Gaeng Kiew Wan Neua แกงเขียวหวานเนื้อ, Pad Pak Ruam Mid ปลาผักรวมมิตร , Hor Mok Pla ห่อหมกปลา  , Pad Thai ผัดไทย  , Khao suay ข้าวสวย


Tab Tim Krob ทับทิมกรอบ , Bua Loy Puek บัวลอยเผือก  , Lod Chong ลอดช่อง , Lum Yai Loy Kaw ลำใยลอยแก้ว , Tako ตะโก้ , Kao Neaw Mamuang ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง , Phol La Mai Ruam ผลไม้รวม

Menu may subjected to change without notice.

Cruise Departure information

River city Shopping mall

All visitors must travel to River City to boarding to Apsara Cruise

1.Get there by BTS sky train : Get off at Taksin Station. Continue taxi or tuk tuk to River city for a 5 minute ride. or 20 minutes by foot. 

2.Take MRT to Hua Lam Phong Station. Then, continue to river city . Go there  by foot around 10 minute walk or 5 minute ride by motorcycle taxi or tuk tuk to get there.

3.Take taxi to the river city. You can tell taxi to get off at Silom or Rama IV express way exit. Go to Charoen krung road. Finding small alley call Charoen Krung soi 24.

4.Book private transfer which has costed more than other another. But you are worry free , just be ready and enjoy

Note, travel by MRT and BTS is the most efficient in rush hour. You may need around 1.00 -1.15 hours for preparation of travel time. Need advice on this you can contact us  >> sales1@lets-tour-bangkok.com

By the way, free minibus transfer is valid from Banyan Tree hotel to the pier, If you are hotel guests or live in Sathorn area , that could be a very useful service. 

Terms and Conditions


  • Sightseeing as the itinerary including admission fee as stated in program
  • Join transfer to/from Banyan Tree hotel for hotel guest or live close by
  • Set Menu and Cruise Fee
  • Credit card Charge


  • Personal items & hotel incidental charges
  • Vat
  • Drink
  • Private or any hotel pick up service
  • Gratuities to the guide, driver and hotel’s porter

Apsara Cruise : Remark

  • Dress quote  : We recommend smart casual is the most proper to attain the cruise.   




Great setting  : The boat was set up to make it an attractive setting with a romantic atmosphere. Good for who is looking for a luxurious, classy experience along with fine Thai dining. 

Great Staff : the staff were amazing service , attentive, polite, respectful and impeccable. After dining, the chef came to check the respond which is very good.

Good food :  Vegetarian is requestable or event last notice. The food was superb and consisted of six courses all lovingly presented and decorated beautifully. 

Beautiful Cruise : Cruise is in Thai style with great look.


Expensive : but a lot of feed back said it well worth it. Watch out for drink price which is more expensive than a regular restaurant

Food is spicy : If you are aware that you cannot deal with hot stuff , give them advance notice. They can fix this for you

Small cruise : anyone who had motion sickness, keep this in mind that there are many dinner cruise running, it slidely effect when they moving.

Authentic Food : some said the Apsara Dinner Cruise is not real food. There is out on the streets no in Apsara dinner cruise. Well, not sure is this a good point to show here. But we think street food and hotel cuisine is a different place and different concept. 

Price (Cruise)

Price/Person 1-40 person
Cruise Ticket 2,300 ฿/pp