Safari world Bangkok ticket , Visit Thailand’s open zoo

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Tour name Bangkok Safari World Ticket
Destination Bangkok
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Duration 6 Hours

Note : Booking made at least 1 day before travel date  

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Bangkok Safari World is Thailand’s open zoo and leisure park cover area of 172 acres. They separate into 2 areas. The open-air zoo is a living area of a rare animal or from far away area such as zebra, deer, giraffe, Lion, tiger, rhinoceros, flamingo this safari Park.

Note : Booking made at least 1 day before travel date  

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What is Safari world Bangkok ticket ?

Bangkok Safari World is Thailand’s open zoo and leisure park cover area of 172 acres. They separate into 2 areas.

Safari Park or Open zoo

The open air zoo is a living area of rare animal or from far away area such as zebra, deer, giraffe , Lion, tiger, rhinoceros, flamingo. This park features hundreds of animals. This is a drive through zoo. Stretching 8 KM and lasting 45 minutes, a drive through the scenic Bangkok Safari World Park presents a unique opportunity to observe the rare and endangered species of the animal kingdom.

They allow customers to drive their own vehicle or join safari transport. Safari transport has provided explanations of animal , but it is in Thailand. Explore Nature’s numerous wonders in their original splendor and respond to the wild, while remaining in the comfort of your car or coach. Witness the truly breathtaking Tiger and Lion Feeding Show, the only one of its kind anywhere in the world. An exciting and fulfilling adventure awaits you at Safari Park.

Bangkok Safari World at Marine Park section

Marine park has varieties of entertainment and shows such as Sea Lion, feeding, Dolphin, Stunt, U-Lang U-Tang Boxing Shows, birds show, Spy war action stunt ,Hollywood cowboy stunt , and sea lion.

This is a living area of hundreds of exhibits featuring white tiger, fancy carp garden, tapir kingdom, tropical rain forest aviary, sea lion exhibits, crocodile garden, Macow island and etc.

Note : Booking made at least 1 day before travel date  


Safari world Bangkok ticket : Itinerary

Safari World is open every day(365 days) From 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Park operating days and hours are subject to change without notice.

08:00 Pick up from various hotel, if reserve the private transfer
08:30 Leave Bangkok for safari world
09:30 Arrive Bangkok Safari World and continue to drive through open park 
10:30 Enjoy the show
12:00 International Buffet Lunch
13:00 Visit Marine Park and enjoy the show
15:30 Depart from Bangkok Safari World
17:00 Arrival Hotel

Safari Park  open time 09:00 -17:00

Marine Park  open time 09:00 -18:00

** Speed Limit is less than 20 hours per hour ****

When drive to a Dangerous Animal area , keep vehicle doors and window closed.Visiting planCheck it out for shows and attractions , so you have guideline how do you prefer to spend your time.Those who love to spend more animal and less busy place, may skip some show to hop in and fee animals for instead.

Note : Booking made at least 1 day before travel date  

Show Schedule  & attraction FEEDING SHOW

Feeding the tiger Orang Utan:  See lot of talent Urang Utan can such as mathematical gifts and Thai boxing match.Sea Lion  :  Various kinds of trick that sea lion can show.

Cowboy Stunt  :  Bring you back to wild wild west time, when cowboys and bandits jostle for power with the intricate knockdowns, gunfights, bullwhips, fist fights and horseplay.

Bird Show   : Parrot show , match calculation , riding bicycle. Spy War Stunt Show  like in holywood styleElephant Show :  Fun Elephant Show 

EGGS World : This is an educational center with full information of egg incubation of posters, signboards, videos and the exhibition of amazing facts about eggs and real skeletons of egg-laying animals such as turtles, swans and crocodiles. 

Jungle Walk :  This is where you can meet giraffes and feed them.

Jungle Cruise : optional activities deep inside the tropical forest. Enjoy the cruise ride and exciting adventure in this jungle.  

safari time of show

Terms and Conditions

Optional Activity

  • Private transfer for 2,300 THB / Van which can accommodate for maximum 9 persons. Rate including express way fee.
  • River Safari Ride 300 THB/person


  • Sightseeing as the itinerary including admission fee as stated in program


  • English Speaking Guide
  • Drink is not including
  • Government VAT

Safari World Bangkok Ticket : Remark

  • Rates for child apply kids age 2-12 years old, thier Height Not Over Than 140cms
  • Child under 2 years old is free of charge (height under 100 cm.) and travel with parent

Bangkok Safari World Reviews


Looks !!!

Here is an interesting section.

We will help you to find out weather Safari world Bangkok is suite for you or not. It is hard to have one product suite everyone. So lets find out useful information that how people LIKE or DISLIKE Bangkok Safari World.

“Superb place !! Never miss it. ”

NikhilaPachani, From India, TripAdvisor June 2017

This is an exciting jungle safari with loads of animals, like never seen SO MANY…. with true healthy and jungle like environment for the animals, it’s like second home. Tourists also enjoy watching, feeding animals and enjoy special shows arranged by the trained staff.. it’s sometime pitiful to see the animals sedated with milk bottles esp. There are good gifting article also available inside the safari park for around 375-500 Baht.

Overall worth the price!! We are all extremely happy to visit this place and can spend one whole day watching these animals.

For kids, strollers or animal shaped prams available just outside the entrance for minimum of 400 Baht. It’s always advisable to carry our own stroller of travelling with kids satisfied.

“Great ”

Trang28, From Vietnam , TripAdvisor June 2017

My kids really enjoyed the shows (sea lion and dolphin) and animals feeding (giraffes, swans, and carps). They also like the big fish aquarium and the egg’s world. The safari coach tour is good, we can see many animals living in nature.

“I am torn!!! ”

GaitanAlex, from United Kingdom, TripAdvisor June 2017

On one hand the animals look healthy and it is great for kids! The amount of Giraffes and lions and so on is impressive! The kids loved it! Having said that, we saw the elephant show and call me a hypocrite, but I was very saddened! I would strongly recommend them to drop these idiotic shows that torture animals! Let kids admire the animals!

They are already captive, but lets say they are offering good food and safe, ample grounds to roam around and people can admire them which is great! But stop torturing them, making them take part is idiotic shows for tourist! The tourist will come anyway as it is really nice to admire awesome animals! I hope people understand what I mean!


“Animal cruelty”

Matt W, TripAdvisor Aug 2016

1. Elephants with chains around their necks posing for photos with tourists climbing onto their backs. The elephants did not look happy or healthy.

2. Chimps posing for photos with tourists. Looks harmless enough at first, but bear in mind they are in a very hot climate, they were forced to wear human clothes (skinny jeans on one), and stand in the heat all day posing for photos.

3. Tiger cubs kept in small cages, taken away from their mothers, forced to pose with tourists before they’re too big to be a danger to them.


289deepaks, TripAdvisor Jun 2016

Very hot not good for hot days, nothing interesting like name, just a bad experience of life, not good for those who want excitement.

“HORRIBLE treatment of animals”

Nukeation, From India, TripAdvisor Nov 2016

This place treats animals like a circus in some of the most deplorable conditions possible. It is horrible to see endangered animals kept like show animals and mistreated by having them Kickbox and wear clothes and be kept in tiny little places.

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Note : Booking made at least 1 day before travel date  

Price (Activities)

Price/Person 1-17pax
1.Safari Park + Marine Par 1,200 ฿/pp
2.Safari Park + Marine Park + Lunc 1,350 ฿/pp
3.Safari Park + Marrine Park + L +Join R/T transfer 1,480 ฿/pp

Additional information

Ticket package

Marine Park TK, Marine+Safari Park TK, Marine+Safari Park with Lunch, Safari Park TK


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