Siam Niramit Ticket , Phenomenal of Bangkok Show

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Tour name Siam Niramitr Show
Destination Bangkok
Category TK-Show
Duration 3 Hours 30 Minutes

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Siam Niramit is a cultural show which will take audient to journey to the enchanted Kingdom uncovered the history, customs and cultural treasures that descended through centuries to fascinate Thailand’s guests.

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What is Siam Niramit Show ?

Siam Niramit is a cultural show which will take audient to journey to the enchanted Kingdom uncovered the history , customs and cultural treasures that descended through centuries to fascinate Thailand’s guests.

The Siam Niramit show would bring you the old day of Siam (Thailand) in each region which enrich in culture and believe. Later you could see the live after life, such as hell, and heaven. This show could help you to start to understand the Thai culture and history.

Siam Niramit show & Fame

This 1.2 hours minutes show is considered one of the most popular show in Bangkok and Phuket and recognize as a ‘World-class spectacular show’ in town.

Big theater and Stage of Art

The grand theater can accommodate 2000 visitors. This is the world’s highest stage held in colossal which is 11.95 meter proscenium – certified by Guinnes World of Rocords. The stage can accommodate the real elephants, goats and actors & actress. The wide stage can present a realistic ambience of Siam hundred years ago.

Pre-show service of Siam Niramit Show

The area has interesting area which consists of Thai village, three restaurants, souvenir shop and playground. You could take pictures with the elephant, and Thai performer in elegant custom.

Thai Village

The replica of the rural village of Thailand consists of paddy fields , pond, and different kind of Thai houses. There are people dress in traditional costume, cooking food, weaving silk and daily life activities.

Thai performance

The folk dance and Thai mask dances perform before show time start. Dinner at Siam niramit show has a variety choice in hotel buffet style. It is decent taste. Most important thing is it is convenient and worry free than eat outside.


Siam Niramit Show Bangkok : itinerary

17.00 Hotel pick up
18.00-19.00 Dinner Buffet (starting time 17:30-20:00 )There are small shops and souvenir there if you do not join dinner
19.00-19.30 Walking around Siam niramit for 4 regions such as activities roll the boat, weaving village, buffalo skin crafting,   silk producing process
19.30-20.00 Entertainment in front stage area such as Thai dance.
19.50–20.00 Enter to the theater and deposit your camera and video  
20.00-21.30 Show time

Show story

The first RealmsJourney Through Joyous Festivals. Reliving the Glorious PastStart with Klong Sabadchai (victory drum) and follow by the finger nail dance. Later on taking a journey to Lanna Kingdom. A stark contrast to the north, the audience is transported down to the more animated south with the next scene:The South Sea… Traders from Overseas.

Opening with ‘nang talung’ (shadow puppets) and the lively and colorful ‘nora dance’, this scene is the re-enactment of the Kingdom Sriwichai’s bustling market full of foreign traders, and with a whimsical subtext of interracial crush – a representation of the harmonious existence of different faiths and races.

The next two scenes, The Northeast… Heritage of the Khmer Civilization and Central PlainsAyutthaya: The Mighty Capital, are superbly portrayed with state-of-the-art special effects like an on-stage ‘klong’ (river), realistic rainfall, thunder and lighting. The audience also gets to witness local activities and festivities like ‘ram lao krathop mai (bamboo dance), the singing of rice harvesting folk songs and Thai boxing matches during these scenes.

The second RealmsBring people to below the human living.Down in the hell, Gods of Death punished the sinners who fall to hell in various forms.The third RealmsBring you up to the heaven , and mystical land where the mystical being live.Fly with Thai angle and divinities.

Terms and Conditions


  • Sightseeing as the itinerary including admission fee as stated in program
  • Join Transfer (if reserved)
  • Dinner (if reserved)


  • English Speaking Guide
  • Government VAT

Siam Niramit Show : Remark

  • All the above rates for children apply to those either between the age of 4-12 years and/or less than 140 height (proved may be required).
  • Children under 4 years of age or less than 90 cm. in height see the show free of charge, provided that they sharea seat with a parent.
  • Facilities : Parking, seat and restroom is well facilitated for handicap.  
  • Transfer service operates according to pre-assigned route only.
  • Transfer service should be booked before 4.00 pm. on the show date.

Bangkok show : Map

Recommendation : If you could reach 1 hours before show time, you could spend more time for snacking at Thai village and walking around.

Weather : The a/c here is very humid, bring some light swatter later.

How to get to the theate

  1. Travel by taxi , you could inform the taxi driver for Siam Niramit theater on Tiamrumit road
  2. Travel buy subway at Thai cultural center or (Soonwattanatam) . Go to exit 1 and transfer by Siam niramit shuttle departs every 15 minute start from 18.00

Address : 19 Tiamrumit Road, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10320 
Tel : +66 2649 9222 

Siam Niramit Show Reviews

Check out from former visitor’s voice. What are the reasons that they LIKE and DISLike the show. So you can figure it out and make your best selection for your time.


Wonderful show, meal was typical buffet

DannandCollette , from USA, TripAdvsiror May , 2017

First the meal. Typical buffet food, crowded and not very personable. There were a lot of tourists.

Next, the village. Excellent depiction of the various regions of Thailand with live demonstrations of traditional living .

Last, the show. The show starts around 7pm outside the theater with traditional dances that includes audience participation. Pretty cool to watch elephants walk by while enjoying the dancing and music. Inside the theater the show depicts Thailand holidays and history in a very Thai-like performance. It would be worth talking to a guide about the meanings of the acts before watching the show so you better understand what is happening.

It was our trip highlights

Lalilatuleme, Malaysia, TripAdvisor May 2017

As this was our last minute trip we didn’t do much research, but just decided we need to watch something to know about Thailand, and this show definitely did just that. i highly recommend this show , it was amazing the props just blow my mind. although there is no story line to the play it just give you a general view of Thai.

Great live performance with special effects

Mars, Australia , TripAdvisor May 2017

Was thoroughly surprised at how good this live performance was. The special effects and surprises are sensational.

Make sure you get there 2 hours early if you plan to have the smorgasboard dinner, as they also have an outside cultural show which starts around and hour before the show starts. There are also exhibits to visit and photo ops.


Dinner buffet and show

CarlyHeps , From UK, TripAdvisor Mar 2017

Not everyones cup of tea. The show has some spectacular parts, but somewhere it is a little dull. The buffet was good but similar to a school canteen setting. What really let it all down for me was the elephants. I would NEVER have paid to see a show using captive animals.


Zoe, G TripAdvisor Jan 2017

This was a spectacle with very little content. It is visually interesting with lots of fun costumes, but there was no story, and very little if anything to be learned from it. I was hoping to learn about Thai culture or Buddhism, but I didn’t get any of that. It felt like a big cheesy circus for the tourists. You don’t need to get the gold seats. The normal ones are just as good.


Tal A, Tel Aviv Tel, TripAdvisor Oct 2016

The scenery is very beautiful and so dies the customs. However, there is NO theme and it’s progress very slow. We were 4 adults between 20-60 and we all were very bored.

Not in the price or quality of Broadway shows. So lower your expectations.

The golden sits are just setting in the middle of the theater. All sits can view the whole stage.

Price (Activities)

Price/Person 1-50pax
Show Only
Available: 10
1,220 ฿/pp