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Thai ladyboy show

The beauty is not only limit with woman

Thai ladyboys on the streets

Many foreigners think Thai women are very beautiful. But wait a minute! How can you be so sure that those women you meet in Bangkok are women? This might be news to some of you but Bangkok has a number of very beautiful Thai ladyboys.

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Ladyboy contest (drag queen contest)

Please look at the pictures and tell me whether they are women. You will not Believe it.  they are all men! Well, I know that might break many girl’s hearts as many girls are very jealous of their beauty.

When do they become ladyboys?

Many ladyboys are beautiful and starting in their formative years always wanted to be beautiful women. They do this by taking female hormone pills to make their breasts larger and to create a female appearance. When they are in high school, they cannot be distinguished from the other boys by looks. This is however not the case when they speak or walk, as their style of walking and talking are indicators of their status. They imitate women’s appearances and have their own unique slang. Many times they almost walk as if they are models on a catwalk which normal women don’t do.

Thai ladyboys and their career

Most ladyboys want to be in the entertainment business. To get into the entertainment industry, they need to evolve by means of a ladyboy beauty contest. It does not matter if they get awards from the contest or not; it is an open opportunity for them to be known and to be selected by entertainment business owners. It also does provide them with the added benefits of expressing themselves and showing off their talents.There are many ladyboys dancing in shows in Thailand. There are huge entertainment places in Bangkok and Pattaya.

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Thai Ladyboy show

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Calypso Show in Bangkok

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Tiffani Show Pattaya

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Colosseum show pattaya 

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Alcazar cabaret show in Pattaya

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