Heaven on Earth for Tropical Thai Fruits

Hey there all the fruit lover! Did you know that Thailand is heaven on earth for Tropical fruits?. Apart from the price that is very affordable there are multiple of fruits that are very special here such as numerous types of Bananas, Durian (king of fruit), Jackfruit, Mangosteen(Queen of fruit), Mango- keaw saway, Longan, Rambutan , Langsat, Pomelo, Custard apple, Rose Apple, and Guava.

Some of you may wonder how is it looking like? Or what does it taste like? here are several fruits that we will talk about today and please don’t forget to go try it! .


Also known as “The king of fruit”. It has a large size and its weight is about 2-5 kg. The color of durian is greenish brown skin and golden yellow flesh. The taste is sweet, but some people don’t like it smell. Its nutrition is high in energy, protein and various minerals. But be careful if you eat durian too much in summer, because it will make you hotter inside than usual. In Thailand there are various types of durian such as Chani, Kan Yao, Kradum Thong and Mon Thong. You can also make cakes, ice-cream and many Thai-desserts from Durian. It is available all year round, but the peak period is April-August.

Mangosteen – (Mang Khud)

It is round in shape with a 2-3 inch radius, it’s also known as “The queen of fruit”. Once opened, be careful of the mangosteen’s purple rind, which is liable to stain, but enjoy its scrumptious white segments. But don’t forget the big pit in the centre which you will find it very bitter. The taste of the fruit is sweet and sour. Mangosteen’s are in season from June to November.

Rambutan – (Ngo)

Some of my clients called rambutan a red hairy monster. Outside of the rambutan is red with soft green spikes. It is very easy to open with a knife or your finger. Omit the pit, but enjoy the translucent fruit. The taste is sweet and the texture is firm. Rambutan comes into season in June to October. At the end of the season, you will be able to try a smaller size that is grown from the southern district – Na Sarn. Ngo Na Sarn has a wonderful taste- I can eat a ton all day long!

Longan – (Lamyai)

Longan is grown in the abundance in the North of Thailand, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai. It is a brown color with a thin shell that cracks easily. A black round pit is inside. Eat the transparent part. The taste is sweet and has a juicy texture.

Mango – (Mamoung keaw saway)

There are many types of Mango in Thailand. The taste varies from sour, mild, sweet and sweet and sour. Each species can be consumed either ripe or raw. The one I like is ripe keaw saway. The texture is crispy and crunchy with a sweet and sour taste. These green mangos are often dipped in chili spices. At first, most foreigners find the sauce quite strange but once it grows on you, you may become addicted! The season is from March to June.

Jackfruit (Ka-Noon)
jack fruit

The jackfruit tree is important for Thai people because they believe that it is an auspicious tree. Many people plant it in their houses in order to advance and bring good things to their lives. Even though jackfruit has a little vitamin and mineral, but it has a lot of fibers. Jackfruit can be transformed into various types such as preserved in syrup, boil in syrup, crisp jackfruit, ice cream and more. It is available all year round.

Banana (Kluay)

There are twenty different types of banana in Thailand the differences are its size. People in Thailand use bananas when cooking food and many desserts such as roast banana, fried banana, boil it with coconut cream, sugar and salt also known as Kluay Buad Shee and more. It can be available all year round and its cost is very cheap.

Custard apple (Noi-Na)
Custard apple

In Thailand we call “Noi-Na” it is known as “sugar apple”. Its white, fragrant and sweet flesh is covered with greenish skin. This fruit is easy to eat, just separate with your hand and use a spoon when you would like to eat its flesh. Noi-Na can also be made as an ice cream which is delicious. It can be found from June-September.

Pomelo – (Som O)

An oversized grapefruit, often with delicate pink segments. The difference between grapefruit in pomelo is that one can eat pomelo plain. Many people who hate grapefruit actually love pomelo. It tastes sweet and sour. It can be found all year round.

Coconut – (Ma Prao)

Is in round shape, not easy to crack, but once you can open it you’ll find a true paradise. The white flesh is soft and firm but it tastes lightly sweet same with its water so sweet and super refreshing. Coconut has many usage ranging from food to cosmetic for example, coconut cake, drinks and coconut ice cream.


Is in round shape and kind of look like tiny potatoes. It is covered by thin yellow and brownish skin. The flesh is transparent it tastes sweet, sour and juicy but again be careful of the seeds it can taste a little bit bitter. It can be found all year round.

Guava – (Farang)

Thai guava is generally a size of a tennis ball (maybe a little bit bigger) and it’s covered by green skin. The flesh is white with yellow seeds it tastes mildly sweet and crunchy. It is also very good for your health because it has Vitamin C and Potassium.

*fun fact, in Thailand we also call foreigner “Farang” so if someone call you that don’t worry, you didn’t look like a guava it just a name for foreigners.

Rose Apple – (Chompoo)
rose apple

It may look like a pear, but smaller and has a shiny skin comes in green and red color. When you cut it open you won’t find any seeds, but cottony fluff instead so you have to scoop that out. The texture is firm, you can eat it skin and stuff the taste is sweet and refreshing.

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