Chiang mai night is young , What to do in Chiang mai at Night

Explore Chiang Mai night for fine dining, shopping at the night market, stall along walking street, with a multitude of products or visit night safari are night activities.

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If you still have lots of energy. Read review on some activities and tour such as the Chiang Mai Tonight: shows and activity, Night Market, Chiang Mai nightlife, Night Clubs

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Activities and view point

Khan Tok Dinner Set

Most of the northern dishes can be sampled at a “Khan toke Dinner” in Chiang Mai. It is a perfect event where you can learn more about the traditional northern cuisine while enjoying traditional music and dance.

Khan Tok in the Northern dialect means a wooden tray used for carrying dishes. Round in shape, it is made of wood, varnished or lacquered with 5 or 6 short supporting legs.

Guests are invited to sit on the floor around a Khan Tok, a circular tray with Northern dishes on it. They can enjoy watching traditional northern dances as well as hill tribe culture shows while their meal is being served.

Go to Kantok at

Chiang mai cultural center , 100% Lanna cultural show

Benjarong Kantok , sit in an old house or an open air area .  But they offer non-folded legs seated too.

Koom Kantok , unlimited local food serve also Muslim food is served here.

Location :  Kantok at Chiang mai  Cultural Center , near Bualai Market, Benjarong kantok on the way to Ratchapuak road, Koom Kantok (near Big C)

Admission fee : 520- 1200 THB/person , 350 THB/person , 590 Thb/person

Open : around 18.30-21.30

The old cultural center

Kantoke set Menu at Bencharong Kantok

Cr. FB เบญจรงค์ขันโตก เชียงใหม่ Benjarong Kantoke Chiang Mai

The old cultural center

Bencharong Kantok

Cr. FB เบญจรงค์ขันโตก เชียงใหม่ Benjarong Kantoke Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Night Safari

Only the third night safari in the world (Singapore and Guangxi, China also have them), Chiang Mai Night Safari has proven an immediate hit with visitors and locals alike. Officially opening 1st January 2006, the safari has been open to the public free of charge and countless visitors have been taking advantage with 40,000 people to date having visited the safari each night and numbers increasing at weekends – way, way over capacity!

The Safari offers a series of trails over three main zones. The Jaguar Trail offers visitors a walk of around 1,200 meters and is open during the day and at night. The Day Safari and Night Safari areas use rail cars to move visitors around. This is the ideal opportunity to observe wildlife at night.

Recommend to see night show

Location : 33 Moo 12 Nong Kwai, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai 50230 Chiang mai

Open : Daily 11.00-22.00

Admission Fee : various price 100-800 THB/person

See Thai Boxing at C.M Entertainment Complex

This place has free show Muay Thai on stage. You can also shop around, enjoy your time at bar and see Cabaret Show too.

Opening Hours: 19:00 – 24:00

Location: Loi Kroh Road, on the way to Night Bazaar

Admission Fee : Free

View point of Doi Suthep after dark


Doi Suthep is a mountain top temple which is highly recommended. Doi suthep temple allows you to stay at view point till sunset.

Opening Hours: 18.00-19:00

Location: Loi Kroh Road, on the way to Night Bazaar

Admission Fee : 50

Colorful night at Nawarat Bridge


This iron bridge is for road and people to go across the ping river. At night, there is light decoration in various colors which is very nice after dark.

Opening Hours: 24 hrs

Location: Loi Kroh Road, on the way to Night Bazaar

Admission Fee : 50

Light and decoration at Wat Pha Singh

Cr Somyot Sutprattanatawin post in

Wat Phasing (Sign temple) located in the city center which has many architectures reflect Lanna (former name of Chiang mai) inspire. This temple enshrines the most secret Lanna Buddha so called Phra Singh

Location : Old city; 2 Samlarn Rd, Phra Sing, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50280

Open : Daily 08.00-17.00 : After 17.00 , visitor can not access inside of the building

Admission fee : free

Wat Pantao a special night during major Buddhist holiday

During main Buddhist holiday which calculate by lunar calendar which around February (Makabucha) , June (Visakabucha), Oct (Asalaha Bucha), and November (Loykratong). 4 times a year is a big celebrate that Buddhist monk, a novice monk and laymen come and pay with a very nice candle light decoration. Be part of the ceremony will be a great memory of your visiting to Chiang mai.

Location : Old city

Open : Daily 08.00-17.00 : After 17.00 , visitor can not access inside of the building

Admission fee : free

Night light at Wat Chedi Luang

Cr ; ยศวัจน์ นิธิปัญญาวัฒน์

This temple build in 600 years ago by King Sean Muang Ma (Lanna King). There are many highlight in this temple. In the evening, the gigantic main building (Chedi) is decorated with nice a spotlight at night.

Location : 103 Prapokkloa Rd, Tambon Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200

Open : Daily  05.00-22.30

Admission fee : 40 THB/Adult

Roof Top Bar Dining and Drinking

Dining on the roof top bar at Sala Lanna Hotel

Cr FB sala lanna

The hotel is located on the bank of Ping river, Enjoy open air view of Chiang mai scenic town. Drink beer or wine by overlook the river view.

After dark you can so go to night pub and bar in the riverside area.

Location : Wat gate 49 , Chareanrat Road, Tambon Chang Moi, Mueang , Chiang mai

Open : 18.00-23.00

Fee : $$$

Xanadu Rooftop Pub & Restaurant

Cr : FB xanadu-roof-top

An open air roof top that you can enjoy the view of the city and Suthep mountain.  This is a great choice of dinning place with a nice sunset view, and enjoyable service with live music. It is a nice place for family and friend to hang out.

Location : 54 Furama Huaykeaw Rd, Mueng Chiang mai District, Chiang mai

Open : Daily 18.00-23.00

Fee : $$

Chiang Mai Night for Shopping Night Market & Walk Around

 Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai 

The Night Bazaar, or Kad Luang (Royal Market) as it is known by locals, is one of Chiang Mai’s biggest draws. Located right in the centre of the city on the Ping River, it is easily accessible and if you are in Chiang Mai a visit is almost obligatory. The market attracts huge crowds every evening and it is a great place to pick up trinkets and gifts. Given the market’s close proximity to the companies that manufacture them, the price of local handicrafts is attractively cheap here.

Location : Chiang Mai city center

Open : Daily  17.00-24.00

Admission fee : No

Wualai Walking Street (Saturday Market) 

The Wualai has been so far known for good quality of silver and lacquer wares. On Saturday evenings, the open-air market will be set up in the famous handicraft area. Do not miss a chance to shop for authentic northern silver, lacquer wares and unique handicrafts. Within 1.1 kms long, tourists will enjoy the local foods and Thai traditional performances. The market starts from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Highlight : local food,  performance live brand of folk music , handicraft , portrait paint

Location : Chiang Mai city center

Open : Saturday 17.00-22.00

Admission fee : No

 Tha Pae Walking Street (Sunday Market)  

Starts from Tha Phae Gate through Ratchadamnoen Road every Sunday from 7 pm. until midnight. There are varying kinds of local products at a reasonable price along both sides of the street where Thai and foreign tourists are enjoying walking & shopping without exhaustion.

Location : Chiang Mai city center

Open : Sunday 17.00-24.00

Admission fee : No

Sankamphaeng Walking Street

Is a great place to view and purchase handicraft goods, foods, souvenirs, and enjoys the ancient San Kamphaeng music show. This walking-street takes place every Saturday from 3 to 10 pm.

The market is 35 kms , away from Chiang mai city which is why more local people than tourists. Snacking yummy local food is fun things to do here.

Location : 006, San Kamphaeng, San Kamphaeng District, Chiang Mai 50130

Open :  Saturday only 15.00-22.00

Admission fee : free

Kad Na Mor กาดหน้ามอ (Chiang Mai University night market) 

It is a lively place full of street food and fashionable girl stuff.  Around 5.30 pm. street vendors will start their store. Arrange the food that prepares from home to showcase. Set up the table and chair for their customers. The motor scooter will drive pass by till they find their regular merchant and will park and go find something for their dinner. Anyone who likes to try Thai street food, desert or love to shop, they have it all.

It is a popular place for young people to walk, talk ,drink and chill out.

Location : in front of Chiang mai university

Open :  Daily 17.00-22.00

Admission fee : Free

Kad Rincome (กาดรินคำ)

Located near Maya Shopping Mall, it’s well-known a place to find inexpensive items. Mainly products are men clothes or accessories e.g. shirts, jeans, sneakers, watches and more. But there is some girl’s clothing. It’s open daily from 4 to 10.30 pm

Location : city center near Maya Shopping Mall , 49/23 Huaykeaw Road

Open :  Daily 16.00-23.00

Admission fee : Free

Nimmanhaemin Road  (นิมมานเหมินท์)

A popular Chinese tourist attractions. Where you can walk around to shop, eat or hang out. It has Boutiques, Souvenir shops, Local Thai food, International restaurants, Night Clubs and many Café for you. And It’s easy to get around, we’re sure this place will not disappoint you!

One Nimman is a nice area which has a very special architectures and worth visit for shopping and take pictures.

Location : Nimmanhemin road

Open :   Daily 09.00-23.00

Admission fee :No

Chiang Mai Nightclub

The Chiang Mai nightlife is much tamer and quieter than Bangkok, but enjoyable all the same. People in this city like to enjoy themselves and are happy to party with the many foreigners visiting their town. In Chiang Mai there are plenty of relaxing bars, a couple of banging discos, red light Street with go-go bars, and a smattering of karaoke lounges.

Top nightclubs and party  in Chiang Mai

1. Warm Up Cafe
2. Infinity Club 
3. Zoe in Yellow , Good bar for vibes, drinks and dance which pack with people from around the world
4. Tawandang Mahason
5. The Terrace Discotheques 

6. Fabrique & Bar Rouge
7. Mandalay bar & Scratching
8. Roots Rock Reggae
9. Myst MAYA

11.Riverside Bar & Restaurant

12.The Good View , located on riverside

13.Northgate Jazz-Co-op for jazz music lover : address : 95/1-2 Si Phum Road

14 Chiang mai Pub Crawl ,  This is crazy place for party with drinking game. Ticket : 450 THB

15.Ram Bar  This is a small bar that offer over 150 different type of liquor and cabaret show.

After reading this, now you know where to go in Chiang Mai at night. There are more things to do than you’ve ever imagined.

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