Day tours Bangkok review & Travel experience  written by: wordmaster1

The following Day tours Bangkok review have to start with my day at the Ko Kret Island. I absolutely loved my day trip at the magnificent Island in the Northern end of Bangkok. The island was originally a settlement for mons and it has great authentic Thai cultural artifacts such as ancient ceramics. The island is a paradise made up of elegant but ancient homes, small traffic-free lanes, plenty of trees and a general rustic feel.

Kret Island for a day! (Koh Kret)

-The small island is only 7 kilometers around and it is perfect for cycling or walking on the clean, quiet lanes. There are several pottery shops one can visit in the course of a day trip there and some monasteries too. In addition, there are some eateries that serve traditional sweet Thai rice Khao Cher which is accompanied with authentic Thai dishes, seafood and fragrant water! This dish is rarer inside the capital Bangkok. If you envision a day full of tranquility and serenity then I’d recommend you escape to the Ko Kret.

 When in Bangkok ensure you spend a day cruising the Chao Phrya River and its environs. The tour is commonly offered by the Grand Pearl Cruise Company Limited.


Wonderfully enjoyable and photographic tour you should have

You need to carry sunscreen and plenty of water because you will spend a lot of time in the sun. The tour starts on a bus and you take the return journey by boat. Along the way you will see the magnificent, ancient Thailand capital of Ayutthaya which boasts of several architectural treasures and more than ten temples that are all preserved as UNESCO’s world heritage sites!

Once you have had lunch at a selected restaurant offering traditional Thai food, you can sample the delights of a local Floating Market and take an exciting 20 minute ride on an elephant. Your fun-filled day can end with a visit to the great former residence of Thai Kings- the Bang Pa In Summer Palace!


Close to Hua Hin sightseeing  at Khao Sam Roi Yod

Although there is much to appreciate for the Bangkok Day Trip Reviews, there was little to appreciate for our day tour at the Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park . We followed our guide’s advice and toured the park in a rented car which added to the cost. Moreover, it took 3 hours to get into the park as the road was not in good condition (only the short street after get off the main road). By the time we got to the park it was nearing midday and many animals had sheltered from the intense heat in the dense forest making it hard for us to spot elephants, hornbills, macaques and gibbons as we had hoped. We were grateful for the great sights of numerous waterfalls in the park but our thirst to see famous Thai animals was hardly quenched.


On my last day in Bangkok

-I fell in love with the well organized day tour by the Amazing Bangkok Cyclist. The guides are amazingly knowledgeable about Bangkok and they make funny jokes about their culture which taught and made me laugh a lot. I loved it that they took me to unique places rarely visited by other tourists. I sampled life at the slums, klongs and many hidden spots in Bangkok which gave me a good and realistic feel of the city and general Thai culture. I hope you like some tour or Day tours Bangkok review that I wrote and find this information useful for your trip.