Day tours from Bangkok for Temple & Cultural in Thailand

Things must do during Day tours from Bangkok

If you are planning on Day tours from Bangkok , then knowing some of the must do things is important. As evident in the numerous reviews, this place offers a wide range of attractive places to visit. Rich with many modern and historical sites, Bangkok has risen to be one of the top visited destinations in Asia. Here are some of the things not to miss out on when visiting Bangkok.
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Visit the Temple of Dawn/ Wat Arun

One of the distinct tourist destinations in Southeast Asia is the Wat Arun Temple. It has impressive towering silhouettes that make it a significant navigation point in the region. The temple was constructed in the mid-19th century with a unique ancient Khmer style that would wow any visitor. You will be pleased with floral pattern that is decked in porcelain making it outstanding like no other destination. Perfect Day tours from Bangkok always start with a visit to this attractively designed temple.


Visit the Grand Palace In the Old City

Constructed back in 1782, the Grand palace has served as the residing place of Thai King. It currently receives foreign and domestic tourist who come to see the Royal Court alongside the government’s administrative seat. You will be awed with its architecture and the intricate details put in the ancient design. A visit to this place gives you the chance to learn the history behind governance of this region besides just its attractive wall designs. You will also get to see amazing historical carvings.

GrandPalace001A 04
GrandPalace001A 19

Grab some food at the Chinatown market

Well, this is a must do for most tourists on Day tours from Bangkok . It is where you will find some of the exciting Asian foods. It is an old market found that offers some of the best delicacies the city. At affordable prices, you have a chance to enjoy a wide variety of them ranging from the ostentatious perking duck to the obscure bird nest soup. When visiting Bangkok, you will taste some rare foods at a near free cost.

ChinaTown 25ChinaTown 32

Some shopping at the Asiatique

It is always good to have something to remember the city of. Doing some shopping is thus a must do for most people on Day tours from Bangkok . There is no better place shop than the Asiatuque. A ten minute drive from sepahan, Asiatuque has perfectly combined a mall and bazaar for one-stop shopping solutions. It gives you a chance to take away some Asian clothes in amazing boutiques, food, or even artifacts. When you pass through this place, you are guaranteed to find something that you will take home as a gift. Simply drive in and browse through the over 1,500 boutiques and restaurants and see what you have been missing on.

Asiatique 2013 M06 Preaw 31

Asiatique 2013 M06 Preaw 21


Finally, Day tours from Bangkok is definitely a perfect way to spend your summer. Visiting the city offers you a chance to check out attractive sites while at the same time giving you a chance to enjoy delicious foods at the Chinatown market. There are numerous partying sites for you if you felt like grabbing some beer or listening to nice Asian music. In Bangkok, you will always have it all at affordable prices