Bangkok to Pattaya guide of how to get there


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It is easy to getting from Bangkok to Pattaya

Getting from Bangkok to Pattaya is easy to travel by road. It take just 1.30 hrs from Bangkok airport or 2 hours from Bangkok. You can travel to Pattaya by private car, bus, train,  air plane, songthaew and cruise.

Mode of Transportation

Pattaya is linked by motorway from Bangkok. It takes about 2-2.5 hours from Bangkok (depend on traffic) or 1.5 hours from Suvarnabhumi Airport. The main road in Pattaya is Sukhumvit which is divided by 3 zones; North, Central and South Pattaya.
Private car
 It is about 2,200 – 2,700 Baht per trip from Bangkok or Bangkok airport to hotel in Pattaya. You can also take taxi which is cheaper than private car rate but please use the realizable taxi, take note of car register number, and should travel during day time.
Buses from Bangkok to Pattaya leave very frequently from Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal (Morchid) and the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekhamai). There are buses from Pattaya which go to every nearby provincial town.
 A train to Pattaya is leaving from Hua Lum Phong Station in Bangkok. Train run is just one time a day.
For more information
The nearest airport to Pattaya city is U-Tapao International Airport where is about 45-minute drive from the city. This is convenient for private charter.

if you travel with cruise such as the Princess and Royal Princess. The cruise commonly park at Laemchabang port which is about 30 minute

Getting Around Pattaya

Songthaew (public passenger pick-up vehicle) 

They are the most popular way of public transportation in Pattaya. In the past, the price was different for locals and foreigners (double the local price), but nowadays the prices depend on negotiation.

Now you have idea how to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya or select various kind of transport such as airport or cruise.  Hope this article helpful and please share this if you find it helpful.

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