Cambodia travel – Visitor can go by car, flight and cruise


How to travel to Cambodia?

Many mode of transport is available getting to major tourist destination in Cambodia. Visitor can go to Cambodia by car, flight and cruise.

Border and Check point

Cambodia shares one border crossing with Laos, six crossings with Thailand and eight with Vietnam. Visas are now available at all the land crossings with Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. Nowadays, lots of new land crossings between Cambodia and its neighbors have opened. However, many of the newly opened borders are in relatively aimed at promoting trade more than serving tourists. Note, if you are from South Asia passport, please be careful if you could love to entering the county by border. Especially, if you want to use visit casio only, you may has have a hard time to access the country.

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Cambodia travel by flight

The time of year has a major impact on flight prices. From Europe, North America or Australia, prices will rise dramatically over Christmas and between July and August, and dropping significantly during period like February, June and October. Thailand is the most convenient gateway to Cambodia when travelling from outside the region. Those who are travelling into Cambodia by air through Vietnam can easily pick up tickets in Ho Chi Minh City.

Cambodia travel by bus and car


It is possible to take buses crossing into Cambodia from Thailand or Vietnam. The most popular way to and from Vietnam is a cheap bus via Bavet on the Cambodian side and Moc Bai in Vietnam. From Thailand, many travellers take the bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap via the Poipet–Aranya Prathet border crossing. 

Car & motorcycle:  

You also can drive or ride to Cambodia. Car drivers and motorcycle riders will need registration papers, insurance documents and an International Driving License to bring vehicles into Cambodia. It is complicated to bring in a car, but quite easy to bring in a motorcycle, as long as you have a vehicle passport (carnet de passage). This acts as a temporary import-duty waiver and should save a lot of conflicts when dealing with Cambodian customs. Increasing numbers of international bikers are crossing into Cambodia, while most of the foreign cars that tend to make it are Thai-registered.



Travel to Cambodia by Cruising

There is a river border crossing between Cambodia and Vietnam on the banks of the Mekong. There are regular fast passenger boats plying across in route between Phnom Penh and Chau Doc in Vietnam, via the Kaam Samnor–Vinh Xuong border crossing. There are also a couple of luxurious river boats ­running all the way to the temples of Angkor in Cambodia. There is also a river crossing on the Mekong border with Laos, although most travellers use the road these days.