Cambodia History and Khmer Empire

Cambodia History:

It is believed from the remaining evidence of habitation in parts of the country, that Funan Kingdom have started the first known Kingdom of Cambodia around the first century BC. As far back as 4000BC, it is also known that Chinese and Indian traders exchanged goods with people living on the coasts of present Cambodia and Vietnam in the early AD centuries.

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According to Chinese community, a kingdom known as ‘Funan’ thrived between AD300-600. A dynasty found by a Khmer prince Jayavarman II who declared himself as the ruler of a new kingdom. He ruled from settlements in the eastern part of the country between around AD790 and the 11th century. Cambodian power spread outward during this period into some parts of Thailand.

Prosperous time of Kambuja

The golden era of the Khmer dynasty is from the 9th to the 15th centuries. It made the kingdom of Kambuja (from where modern-day Cambodia gets its name) one of the most powerful in Asia. A long period, before the country fell under French colonial clutches in the 1800

Modern days

Independence was finally achieved in 1953, after that Norodom Sihanouk was appointed to a king. His first reign lasted until the 1970s, when a coup d’etat and the Khmer Rouge led to years of suppression and the execution of tens of thousands. Following a period of Vietnamese occupation, Sihanouk returned to the throne again in 1993 after ratifying a new constitution which re-established the monarchy and change the name of the country to be known as the Kingdom of Cambodia. In 2004, his son, the current monarch, took over following his father’s abdication. In politically, Hun Sen and the extreme-left Cambodian People’s Party have been in power since a disputed election in 1998.