Day Tours from Bangkok and inside of Bangkok for Thai culture

written by: Billy Kings

Bangkok has so many unique destinations that could take years to see all of them. From the unique nature of this city to amazing landmarks, this city indeed caters for all types of travelers and budget. However if you want to get the best experience while on tour in this amazing metropolitan city, it is recommend that you make wise decisions. Although there are thousands of amazing places to visit in Thailand, there are some places that stand out than others. Considering time and budget, it is very important to choose the right places to visit. So are you considering to go for day Tours from Bangkok ? If yes then below are top 3 recommended tours to choose inside and outside Bangkok.Thailand09 492

1. Damnern saduak floating market

Damnern saduak floating market is not only one of the most popular tourist attraction site in Bangkok but it is also one of the few places that you will have a life time experience. In this place, you will get to meet hundreds of Thai style canoes full of meat, vegetables, fruits and sweets. Situated 60km from the city of Bangkok, the seemingly chaotic canals are filled with boats piled with fresh produce from the farm ready to be sold to interested customers. The journey to this floating market include a ride from high speed boats through the marshes past traditional houses and amazing architecture and culture that has not changed for over centuries. As you speed across the water, you will be guided by post that will give you a colorful insight of the floating market and what you should expect when you finally reach there. Upon arrival to this market, you will be amazed by different types of boat all ready to sell you fresh produce from the farm. You will also get to learn about the local culture.Damnrn 2015 M02 Rebecca

2. Ayutthaya tour

Day Tours from Bangkok cannot end without vising the accent city of Ayutthaya. This amazing place is full of accent and historic sites some of which dates back to over 1000 years ago. It is indeed the perfect place to counter every day fast life of Bangkok city. You will get to see many majestic ruin from the comfort of a river cruise. It is indeed the best place to visit if you like culture and origin. The unique landscape of the nature makes it ideal for taking memorable pictures.
Ayutthaya 64Ayutthaya 52

3. Grand palace

Grand palace is one of the most visited and most membered landmark of Thailand. It is actually one place that every tourist in Bangkok must visit. The construction of grand palace actually began in 1782 during the reign of king Rama. It was intended to become a royal residence and since then it has actually become the utmost architectural symbol of Thailand. This palace was used as royal residence until 1925. The architectural design of this amazing landmark will remain memorable for many years to come.GrandPalace 14 M05 Altour01 3
GrandPalace001A 19


In conclusion if you are thinking of going for day tours from Bangkok, then the above mentioned places are some of the best destination to visit. You will not only have fun but you will also learn more about Thai culture as well  create amazing memories that will last forever.