Thailand Destinations guide, things to do, where to visit


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Things to do

From outback and Exotic place of Thailand Destinations

76 province of Thailand city has various offer started from long historical place, modern town up to outback and exotic destinations. Many of Thailand city is small and rare visit to find tourist to visit

Beach Town

Pattaya is renowned as sleepless town. There is a lot of activities to do all day. This town is close to Bangkok, just 2 hours away and if you travel by cruise it take 30 minute to get to the heart of Pattaya. Lipe island is part of Tarutao National Marine Park. This island is famous for diving and snorkeling, and for the beautiful beaches and the relaxed atmosphere.

Thailand Destinations related to long history

Thailand history dates back thousands of years, though the modern history of Thailand began with the founding of the Kingdom of Sukhothai, Ayutthaya Kingdom and Rattanakosin. During Ayutthaya period, Lopburi and Phitsanulok are second most importance town. Chiang rai, long history period on the most top province of the country, home of Golden Triangle Nan , small town on the north of Thailand. There are many nice local temples and many more. Lampang, horse cart ride through this small town, wonder around exotic temple and enjoy elephant training are famouse thing to do when tourist visit this town. Many Thailand city related with history of Khmer kingdom such as Phimai, Phanomrung. Visitor can go to see the pink Khmer sanctuary one of the best stone crave work which build over 1000 year ago.
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Exotic life style

Surin is amazing Thailand city which is worth visit during the Elephant round up festival, many elephant return home for celebration and if you have time to learn about the real life of mahout training, it was a wonderful experience. You can walk them to bath, live in Thai house and many more.

Baan Nam mok in Nongkai is a place you can learn about rural way of North east people, the small town surrounded by mountain and enjoy the break during cool season of Thailand.

Pai and Mea Hong son is cute place to go which is not far from Chaing mai. Walk along the hill tribe house and perhaps stay with them, This is experience of life time that you won forget.

Chantaburi is small Thailand city of the east coast . The town is not only offer the nice beach. You can make a trip to stay at shrimp farm and  enjoy unlimited seafood . Go to Prew waterfall, swimming along the fish. Or visit Oasis, dolphin conservation center, the life time experience to swim with the cute dolphin.
There are many more of exotic place in Thailand. Check more detail in our website or contact us, we can help to create the trip for you.
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Wildlife and Mountain

Kanchanaburi province is fascinating, nostalgic and memorable place, only a 130 km west of Bangkok. The province itself is an agricultural area, with sugar cane, rice paddies and pineapple plantations all part of the landscape, which is quite stunning. The city is the sight of the famous Hollywood movie; the Bridge on the River Kwai.