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Thailand train

Getting to Bangkok by Train

Thailand train system is government owned and operated by The State Railway of Thailand. You will be able to take a train to every major city in Thailand with stops along the way in the smaller cities. Thailand train travel is a great way to see the country side, if you are going to take a long trip on the train system for your convenience and a small fee the trains offer “a first class sleeper car” with beds and privacy so you can enjoy a more relaxed trip.

Domestic train line to Bangkok

Thailand train are a convenient way to travel to Bangkok. Depending on your departure city, the train services around the country consist of four major lines the Northern line, Southern line, Northeastern line, and Eastern line. There is also one service line that runs to the west ending in Khanchanaburi Province or better known as The Bridge of the River Kwai.

The final destination points of each Train line:

The Southern lines last stops are Padang Besar, Sungai kolok, and Butterworth in Malaysia. The Northern lines last stop is in Chiang Mai. The Northeastern lines last stop is in Nong Khai and Ubon Thani. The Eastern lines last stop is in Ban Plu Ta Luang.

The southern line:

Thailand train service to its Southern line passes many famous beaches such as Hua-Hin, and Cha-Am. The train stops at Surat Thani and Trung where you can enjoy the pristine beaches or connect to one of the Islands such as Koh Samui. The train continues to Had Yai which is a good stop for shopping. The final stop in Thailand is at the boarder of Malaysia you will be able to use the train system to enter into Malaysia to reach the destination of Butterworth Malaysia.

The Northern line:
Thailand train service to its Northern line passes many famous historical sites and has very interesting sight seeing. You can make a stop in Ayutthaya which is one of the most historical sites in Thailand’s history at one point it was the capital of Thailand and home to the King. You can use the northern line to reach these destinations Lamphun, Phitsanulok, Lop Buri, until you reach the northern lines final destination in the beautiful mountainous region of Chiang Mai.
Northeastern line:

The Northeastern line of Thailand is rich with Cambodian heritage such as Nakhon Ratchasima my home town, Surin, and Si Sa Ket. You can use the northeastern line to reach Loa passing along the way Nong Khai and Ubon Thani. If your trip is destin for Loa you should schedule some additional time to stop in Nong Khai as there is some of the greatest culture and best shopping found anywhere in Thailand. Eastern line:Thailand trains service to its Eastern line, this route brings you to the most famous beach in Thailand Pattaya. Pattaya is very well known for its cultural diversity, Pattaya is the tourist Mecca second only to Bangkok; Pattaya grew from a quaint fishing hamlet to a classy international resort that will provide you with 24 hours of non-stop excitement in a laid back atmosphere.

International train lines to Thailand:

Travel from Malaysia and Singapore to Bangkok Malaysia and Singapore which are Thailand’s neighbors have trains that connect with Thailand’s train services. When you are going to travel to Bangkok you need to board the trains to Padang Besar, Sungai kolok, and then to Butterworth Malaysia. The train leaves Butterworth at 13:10 and arrives in Bangkok at about 8:00 the next morning. We recommend first class sleeping cars.

Travel from Loa to Bangkok:

From Loa or Luangprabang, once you cross the boarder into Nong Khai you can take the train to Bangkok or if you would like to do some shopping and visit the near by town of Ubon Thani you will be able to take a train to Bangkok from there also.

Many visitors ask us if the train services are a good means of transportation?

Well, we often say this is a good question. And our answers normally are: If you have limiting time then no as the train services are designed to make frequent stops and to also see the county side. Many Thailand tourists that like to travel cross country use the train system when they have a long vacation and want to stop at many destinations as they find it an interesting when to link up with the locals and experience the culture, plus it is very inexpensive.

What do you need to travel by Thailand’s train service?

The same as any other train service. The trains are safe, modern and clean. If your plans involve traveling a long distance and consist of travel into the night you may want to bring some sort of ear pieces as there are always people and officers walking around. So for the light sleeper this may present a problem.

Is the train comfortable?

The train in Thailand is comfortable and clean. When compared with services in Europe, America, or Japan these modern countries may have newer trains but our services are the same. The trains in Thailand may be older then those of its counter parts but they are not obsolete.

How to book a Thailand train?

Thailand’s state railway states tickets needs to be booked 60 days in advance. The day after booking the passenger is required to pick up the ticket and make payment. If you are not already in Thailand this can be a big inconvenience. However, we provide all the services needed to handle the bookings, pickup, and drop off to make it easy for you. Contact us today and we will arrange an itinerary for you. You may visit this website to see the Thailand trains service by destination.