Trekkings Thailand

Trekking Thailand is highly recommending activities once you visit the land of smile.

Two major categories of trekking Thailand
  • Dense forest, National park
  • Village farm and home stay
  • Trekking trip recommended


Trekkings Thailand : Dense forest, National park

Visiting the tropical jungle in national park is one way to observe wide life and get close to nature. Wonderful waterfall in crystal green water and perhaps hot spring are nice place where you can enjoy swimming. The National park with dense forest are around the country. Here is the place you should visit. Khoa Yai National park is just 2 hours away from Bangkok.  This national park has vary trekking trails which are from 3 – 6 hours. The interested habitat are consist of hornbill, elephant and monkey. Moreover, many species of trees are also nice to see and learn about it.

Erawan National park – you can make day trip from Bangkok or stay overnight at the Bridge on the river Kwai province for the trip to this national park. The highlight is clear waterfall and nice to swim with short trekking for 1 hours to reach to waterfall originated. If you visit there, you can swim for many hours long.

Koh Sok is national park in south of Thailand – The national park has one of the biggest dam located inside and renown as Guilin in Thailand. Wild animals is consist of bear . During May – December is a period that Rafflesia blossom in the dense forest in Koh Sok. This is the biggest flower in the world with radian 70-80 centimeters. Most visitor impress with the emerald water colour, swimming in the dam, living in tree house and flsoating resort.

Phu Kra Duang, located in Loi province, Thai tourist enjoy  to go during the cooler season. This trekking Thailand trail is easy and smooth part.  6-7 hours walk per day is to reach each sport, it is suite for athletic person. There are also no luxurious around, camping is only accommodation available.

Trekkings Thailand : Village farm and home stay

This type of trekking Thailand activities are in the Northern of Thailand, Chiang mai, Chiang rai, Pai, Mea Hong son and Nan. Visitor will enjoy beautiful jungle, nice waterfall, elephant ride, bamboo rafting and hill tribe village. Cultural exchange by living in hill tribe village is also interesting. During these treks you will learn about jungle survival. What kinds of plants are edible, and how to eat them. Learn to live in simply life and exercising with us.
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