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An Insider’s Guide to the Best Chiang Mai shopping

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Chiang Mai is Thailand’s major center for quality handicrafts. The visitors need to visit the nearest city emporium or night market to purchase handicrafts. A major advantage of shopping in Chiang Mai is that the visitor may watch artisans working within the city and in several outlying villages.

It has several distinct shopping areas and shopping streets so let’s LJ Biz help you find the best shopping area in Chiang Mai!

Shopping in Chiangmai

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kaad dara - Chiang mai

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Chiang Mai shopping – Sankhampheang

Borsarng Umbrella & Sankampaeng Handicrafts, Chiang Mai. Products of umbrellas. Bosang and Sankamphaeng are among the old tourist spots of Chiang Mai which just 13 kms away from Chiang Mai city.

Borsang village is famous for umbrella which is made of mulberry tree, light fabric and cotton. The village is 500 meters away from the Chiang Mai-Sankampheang road Km 9. There is a center of umbrella shop where you can buy product, see the people making the umbrella. You can also pain umbrella in your favorite design.

Many good quality export silk shops such as Shinawatra, Julie ‘s farm, and Thai villagesale authentic silk product such as a table runner, bed sheet, pillow cover, appeal, silk under ware and silk souvenir which is uniquely designed and cannot be found in the night market.

Along the Bo Sang San Kamphaeng road, visitors can find in genuine cottage industries, parasols, good silk and cotton weaving, jewelry, woodcarving, silverware, Celadon, and lacquer ware is manufactured, and number among popular purchases.

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Kad Dhara – Chiang Mai shopping

Kaad means market in Lanna language. Kaad Dhara is a part of the oriental Darathewi. Within the 1,500 square meters of its area and well decorated in traditional Lanna, Lan Chang (Laos), Mandalay (Burma) and Sipsongpanna (in the Southern of China) style. Kad Dhara is resort shopping village with a great atmosphere, just spend time to walk around, and snacking here is a good option for spending your time.

product at kaad dara

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Nimman hemin Road – Chiang Mai shopping & Eating

Nimmanhemin Road is the most famous and main destination shopping street of Chiang Mai. Many shops are all located within seconds of each other, near the junction of Nimmanhemin and Huai Kaew roads. Recommend a shop which is owned and run by famous designer and artist, Boutiques, Souvenir shops, Local Thai food, International restaurants, Night Clubs and many Café.

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Baan tawai – Chiang Mai shopping

The Baan Tawai village was awarded the OTOP Tourism Village of Thailand specialize in wood carving. For a long time it became the center for various kinds of handicrafts and the largest handicraft village of Thailand. Ban-Tawai has also earned a world-wide reputation from its skills and craftsmanship for decades. Nowadays it continues to deliver only good-quality handmade merchandise.

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4 Days Trip Northern Thailand Holidays – Chiang rai – Pai -Mae Hong Son – Chiang mai

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4 Days in Chiang mai package

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Chiang Mai Shopping Mall

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Kad Suan Kaew (Central) Classic Thai shopping mall

Kad Suan Kaew, commonly known as Central, is the old shopping centre in Chiang Mai. It is a huge and sometimes confusing, complex housing among others a hotel, mini bowling alley, a department store, supermarket, food court, restaurants and cinema.

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Central Plaza Chiangmai Airport

Airport Plaza is located on the corner of Mahidol and Hang Dong Road, close to Chiang Mai airport. There are good parking facilities and a range of public transport options. Set over 4 floors in a giant L-shape, Airport Plaza offers a complete western style shopping experience.

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Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center

This is an excellent place to enjoy with hill view of Chiang Mai while have dinner at top floor with many bars and restaurant. There’s lots of different types of stores, Souvenir shop, Handcraft, Boutique and more. It has C.A.M.P 24 hour cafe for students from the university, anyone who comes at late night.

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Central Festival Chiang Mai

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The biggest super modern shopping mall in Chiang Mai with facilities such as International Brands, Any kind of food or restaurants, the cinema quite big and much more. This is a convenient place to find things; it might be a good shopping area if you love to enjoy shopping. There are free shuttle services for 4 routes, including Night Market Road, Nimmanhaemin Road, Old City Road and Airport.

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As you can see, there’s lots of shopping areas in Chiang Mai but these areas we recommend you is a must-stop shopping and dining area. And we’re sure, these areas will not disappoint you!

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Wheret to eat in Chiang mai?

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Things to do

Where to go and what to see in each destination

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things to do in Chiang mai at night

Things to do in Chiang mai at night

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Things to do in Chiang mai