Bangkok Thailand Shopping, Apparel

BangkokĀ Thailand Shopping Guide by Guide EngĀ Apparels consist of many categories, such as readymade clothes, body ornaments and general ornaments. In this topic, I would like to talk about readymade clothes only.

Knock out product price

You can find t-shirts, pants, shorts and skirts in knock out price in many places. The most famous among these are cotton t-shirts for ladies. They are available in many styles and designs, and can even be worn while working in the office. They are also commonly used during the summer season.

Where to get the best price?

We highly recommend that you visit the Boabea Market and the Pratonam Market for a good price. But many shops require you to buy at least 3,6 or 12 items in different colors. Well, that may be a little bit of a problem if you are alone. But if you go with many of your friends, you may want to share the items.
Or walk a bit outside of the market and you may be offered a good retail rate.
As for us, we love an open air market, where we get things for cheap. Even though it may not be the cheapest price, at least it is convenient to travel to, and there is more variety to select from.

Recommended Shopping

I think the best shop in Boabea is children’s clothes. It is brand new, beautiful and very inexpensive. Socks, t-shirts, or pajamas are worth buying.