Guideline for Shopping in Bangkok

Shopping in Bangkok written by guide Eng

These guidelines will provide you with the bargaining tips for the markets, ranging from antique local products to the branded designer wears and the most famous shopping malls in different areas.

Shopping in Bangkok and the issue of bargaining

Bargaining can be a lot of fun to practice and is certainly worth a try! Many westerners are not used to bargaining, which is commonly practiced in the market, as products to do not have fixed price labels on them.

Does bargaining apply to every shop?

No, it does not. Bargaining must not be done at some shops, especially at shopping malls in the departmental section, such as The Emporium, Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Central Plaza, Robinson Shopping mall.

How much to bargain?

Many guidebooks recommend bargaining 50-60 % below the originally quoted price. As a local tour guide, however, I’d like to say that this may be insulting to the local vendor. I would not recommend you to do that. Because there are sellers who mark up the price a lot higher than these vendors do. And if you are a new visitor, you will not know who you are dealing with. It would be better to check the price with shops that sell similar products so that you find a standard price and can start negotiating with the local vendor to see if you can get a better rate. Shopping in Thailand is unlike in other Asian countries which mark up the price a lot. Therefore, you should be aware to bargain and not to upset the local vendor. Always remember that doing it with the right manner and attitude will help you get a better deal.

Guidelines for Souvenir Prices

Items Cost about (THB)
  • Post card with very long connecting card (12 cards)
  • T-shirt of each tourist attraction (depending on fabric and design)
  • Fan hat
  • Thai dress set for lady
50 – 70
200 – 400
100 – 150
400 – 700

Need help with bargaining? Use our local guide to help you shopping.