Celebs Visit Bangkok and Thailand

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Celebrities, or celebs, is a new vocabulary to Thailand. When the Thais hear this word, they think of someone rich and famous, like a popular movie star or a singer. In this page, we cover some Thai celebrities, who have gained worldwide recognition, and also international celebrities, who visited Thailand. Read on to find out what they did when they were here and where they stayed.

International Celebrities

  • Angelina Jolie
  • Devid Beckham
  • Leonardo Dicaprio
  • James Bond

King Rama IX, the present Thai King, is world’s longest ruling monarch. Many visitors ask why the Thai people wear yellow tee-shirts on every official day and yellow wrist bands that read ‘We Love the King’ Also, it makes them curious why there are so many pictures of the King around the country, why the Thai people hold him in high esteem, why he is revered and what makes him so popular.

Pra Thammakosajan, the Thai Buddhist monk, is a scholar in Buddhism. He has written over a thousand books on Buddhism and published them in many languages. He has also received an honored distinction from UNESCO. Through his books, he makes people realize how religion could help them to live well in society

Angelina Jolie has stopped over in Thailand a couple of times. She became the talk of the town when she once got a tattoo from Achan Noo, who is the most famous tattoo maker in the country. He is an expert on traditional tattoo, which is an incantation with hundreds of years’ formula. He learnt the art of tattoo from a Buddhist monk. In Thailand, only men believe that the right tattoo protects them from bad things (evil/misfortune/bad luck) and brings prosperity. Famous English footballer, David Beckham, has been in Thailand a couple of times on personal visits with his celebrity wife,

Victoria Beckham, and also with his football team to promote the English Premier League in the country.

Leonardo Dicaprio . It was a big new when the film the Beach were shoot in Phi Phi Island. Dicaprio is a lead actor in this movie. Get to see more detail.

Many stars from the James Bond movies, like Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan, were in Thailand to shoot for the film. They have shot at various locations around the country and left some very memorable scenes.

Lately, Nicholas Cage was in Thailand to shoot for his film ‘Bangkok Dangerous’. Click here for more details.