Shopping, Walking, & Dinning at Asiatique the riverfront

Shopping, Walking, & Dinning at Asiatique the riverfront
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What to do in Bangkok and Asiatique the Riverfront?

Many visitors who plan to visit always plan where to go and what to do in Bangkok for both “DAY and Night Time” ?  Lets tour Bangkok would like to share information about one of favorite place to take it easy in the evening. That is the Asiatique the Riverfront, an open air market with full entertainment, live show, shopping, restaurant, Thai boxing, Ferris wheel and etc.

Live Show at Aisatique the Riverfront

The calypso show at Asiatique Riverfront

is a performed in cabaret style. This shows a lip-sync show by Thai lady boys. Thai lady boys are look alike female dress up in amazing and colorful custom. The entertaining is included comedy featuring and conducted by a professional actors and entertainer team. A calypso show cabaret show is so colorful and fun. They keep audient entertained from beginning to end. The calypso show is the best cabaret show in town that you should not miss. Calypso show is operated every day into day two around the time 19:00 pm. The show is approximately one hour 15 minutes and the next round is the time 20:45.

Muay Thai Live

A martial art live show features Thai boxing or Muay Thai. The show has separated into 4 parts. The first is the real Thai boxing combat for 2 matches. It a real flight and give an idea how is Thai boxing match is like in now a day. Continue with introducing Thai martial art in the part and how important of it in order to protect the country. Then they turn the clock back to show how Thai King and top solider apply Muay Thai and sward flight. After that they show us the real Muay Thai posture which is rare to find in the Thai boxing match. Finish with Hollywood movie style of a like Kang Fu movie. The actor needs to use his Muay Thai knowledge to help and rescue his girl from the bully. It is 1.15 hours long with full of fun entertaining.

What to do in Bangkok for shopping at Asiatique the river front?

T-shirt, souvenir ,snack , home décor, skirt, Thai craft and mobile gadget can be found here. View from our pictures, sure one can find things and bring back home.

Food and Dinning

The Asiatique the Riverfront, has various kinds of food merchants in this complex. You can go to eat at the food court, find dine restaurant along the river, Thai food, Italian, Chinese noodle, western ice-cream, Sukiyaki shop, fast food, Japanese food, snack , Thai dessert , brand name Thai restaurants and many more. Lets tour Bangkok can guarantee that it is easy to find food which is suit to your preference and budget.

Location and how to get there

A lot of ideas to do at Asiatique the Riverfront, you can visit this place in the evening. Taking a cab there or taking the sky train to Taksin station and connect with a free shuttle boat service which start from 16:00 – 23:00. This is also the best time to go there. We hope you enjoy the time at this night life place, keep us note if there are any things you would like to share.


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