Cambodia market

Cambodia market and local life of Cambodian

Cambodia market and local life of Cambodian : Making a living

People in rural today are having agriculture as mainly account for gross domestic product and income of Cambodian economy. Rice has always been the number one products of all. They also cultivate more crops such as sweet potatoes, soy beans, sesame seeds, ground nuts, dry beans, and rubber. Livestock is an essential part of their economic lives as well.

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For Cambodians who live in the rural lands of the country, poverty and farming is the only life they know.  Anyway, there is more chance for economic growth and power in the future.

Cambodia market and local life of Cambodian : City life

Life in the city of Cambodia today is supported by its business community such as banks, restaurants, schools, and factories. It is believed that the business leaders and the well- being of the families are basically controlled by the government. Poor people in the city have no political voice. However both rural and urban, the country faces many challenges as it is a rapidly changing society.

Cambodia market and local life of Cambodian : famous Cambodia market

Cambodia has many famous markets in every tourist towns around the country. For example, A Russian market in Phnom Penh. This market became the foreigner’s market during the 1980’s when most of the foreigners in Cambodia were Russians, so it named as ‘Russian Market.’ Open everyday from 7.00am – 5.00pm. Of all the traditional markets, the Russian Market offers the largest selection of souvenirs, curios and other items of interest to visitors. It is the largest selection of illegal VCDs and DVDs in town. There are also several fabric vendors making it a good place to pick up fabric for a tailor.

Cambodia market and local life of Cambodian : Night market

Or a night market in Angkor which was the first night market to open in Cambodia. You will find smoothly laid out huts built from natural materials and designed beautifully in Khmer style. They now have over 240 souvenirs shops which sells traditional Cambodian made handicrafts from clothing’s, silk, painting and photography’s, jewelries, wood and stone carvings. If you are tiring from shopping, you can relax yourselves with original Dr. Fish massage, Body and Feet massage, spa. They also have the Island bar with its impressive bamboo tower and tiered lamp which you cannot see in any other bars here in Siem Reap.

A shopper’s paradise awaits the travelers in Cambodia. Be aware that bargaining is compulsory.