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Pra Pathom Chedi : What is it?

Pra Pathom Chedi is an important holy building, where the Thai Buddhists worship and come to commemorate very often. This Chedi was built in the ancient times, before Thailand or Siam was established. There is a long legendary tale that this place was built by a king who killed his own biological father.

Pra Pathom Chedi : Big Renovation

King Monkot, or King RAMA VI, traveled to this place before he came to the throne as Buddhist monk. He was impressed with the long history of Pra Prathom Chedi and returned to renovate this place in the way you can see nowadays.

Why is it important?

Besides its long history, Pra Prathom Chedi is one of the six most important places in Thailand, which are temples and holy places. And also this place is the highest Chedi in the world, which is why it is so important and attracts many Thai and foreign visitors.

old pic pra prathom21                        pra prathom jing

Young Thai Children visiting Pra Prathom Chedi 30 years ago

Looking back at the past with the help of old photographs is a memorable thing to do. There are many photographs that were taken when we were young, and we do not remember all the details of how, when and where they were taken. Here are some photographs that many Thai children had taken when they visited Pra Pathom Chedi 30 years ago. Although that photo service is not there nowadays, because of photo shops, some children can still do as their dad had done thirty years ago!

Recommendation for the best time to visit

pra prathom festival

There is a Pra Pathom Chedi festival during the month of November, when there are many products to sell, parades and many Buddhist monks gathering to chant and visit. We think this would the best time to visit Pra Pathom Chedi, since you would see what’s going on and how the Thai people cerebrate. Please subscribe to our newsletter for up to date information.