Things to do in Lampang city and top attractions , Rich culture town in the north

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One of the charming cities of horse-drawn carriages in the north of Thailand is Lampang province. This province is located on the bank of Wang river (Mae Nam Wang). It’s north far away from Bangkok around 600 kilometers at the junction of highways between Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.

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Lampang has two unique features, One is the sole Thai town where is still using colorful horse-drawn carriages in terms of urban transport in daily life. Another, claims to have the only one training school in the world for baby elephants. Both attractions can attract lots of Thai and foreign visitors to come and visit.

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Famous sightseeing in Lampang

Most visitors usually go to Lampang province to see the Thailand Elephant Conservation Center as a must-see attraction, before going on to Chiang Mai and other provinces farther north. Thai Thailand Elephant Conservation Center is the oldest and only government sponsored elephant center in Thailand, where there are the King’s white elephants live in. Visitors can learn about elephants, and enjoy elephant demonstrations here. However, many visitors are willing to spend more time in the old and charming provincial capital.

Lampang is full of archaeological evidence from the kingdoms of Hariphunchai, Lanna, and Burma due to its long history of human settlements along the Wang River, some of which date back for over 1,000 years.

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It is fun to explore the charming town which features a number of beautiful old temples, especially Wat Phra That Lampang Luang which is showing a remarkable artful heritage and the great wisdom of Lanna culture.

The rooster statue in the center of town which you’ll certainly pass by on the horse carriage tour. This town is home to some outstanding guesthouses that you can enjoy your cozy staying, relaxing riverside bars and restaurants, or refreshing yourself with an excellent herbal massage spot.

Book your trip to Lampang once, you’ll be surprised by the charming and unique town with friendly local people. Let laid back in the province of Lampang !

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Temple & Palace, cultural site

  • Historical horse riding and audio tour at the Lampang pony welfare foundation (2 hours trip , all money go to support foundation for pony welfare)
  • Wat Phra That Lampang Luang one of the most spectacular temple in Lampang
  • Wat Pong Sanook, Small temple but inside has world heritage pagoda with thousands of Buddha amulet case decorated on the chapel roof
  • Wat Phrakeaw Don Toa , a former resident place for Emerald Buddha
  • Baan Louise (บ้านหลุยส์), old building which was once a former house of Louise Leonowens , has now use as community center at Tamao.
  • Doi Poo Yak (ดอยปู่ยักษ์) , over ten stupa are on lime stone mountain top care a way fantastic look of the temple
  • Baan Sao nak , a well preserve teak wood house which is over 100 years old. The house has influence from Thai and Burmese design
  • Riding on local truck
  • Wat Chedi soa (วัดเจดีซาว)
  • Wat Phathat Doi Phrayan (วัดพระธาตุดอยพระฌาน)
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With animal and with kids 

  • Take a bathing for horses at Lampang pony welfare foundation
  • Take a bath for elephant at the Lampang elephant conservation center
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Market, Community & Recreation

  • Kaad tongka or Chinese market along Wang river with many 100 years old building . The evening night market is on weekend operate from 17.00-22.00.
  • V market , promote home cook and healthy product , (open weekend only)
  • Ratsada morning market
  • กาดเก๊าจาว (kawjaw market) lot of strange thing sale in the market
  • Pameang (บ้านป่าเหมี่ยง) village , participate with Meaing leave (May – Jan , except Buddhist day) , make pillow from tea leave,  and welcoming to city with Baisri sukwan
  • Baan Look otop village (หมู่บ้านท่องเที่ยว OTOP บ้านหลุก) at Meata district for wood carving village

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Museum, Art and learning culture

  • Thanabordi ceramic museum and workshop
  • Ho phom lakorn Museum (หอภูมลำกร)
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Food & Gourmet

-Kao soi lung ja (ข้าวซอยลุงจ่า)  with kanom thuay (Thai dessert made of coconut milk)

– Kaow man kai Muang min  ข้าวมันไก่เมืองมินทร์ , chicken and stream rice

– Kaow man kai Tip chang ข้าวมันไก่ทิพย์ช้าง , Chicken and stream rice

– Choa kacher noodle ก๋วยเตี๋ยว ชอกะเชอ  Noodle

– Lap kang moong ลาบกางมุ้ง  Mince pork and sticky rice

– Kong King Baan Houw ร้านของกิ๋นบ้านเฮา Lampang style house

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Top sightseeing for taking picture and view point 

  • Rasadapisak Historical bridge
  • Lampang train station, it is a very cool place to take pictures
  • Lampang river street art paint by local artist
  • Go Café Lampang (โก๋กาแฟ)
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Romantic Things to do

  • Dining at the beautiful garden at Baan Soa nak
  • Horse riding in rural area
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National Park, Waterfall, Hot spring , Natural

  • Visit Jeasong National Park to see the beauty of nature of hot spring
  • Jeasong waterfall
  • Lomphukiaw (หล่มภูเขียว)
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