Bangkok Chao Phaya river cruise

Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise is one of the famous activities for visitor. Chao phaya river is main river of Thailand which run passes the heart of Bangkok. Cruising along the river to experience the history imprinted on the two side of the river. The river reflects the long original of Thai legacy and civilization which so called “The River of The King”.

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Day Cruise

Most tourists use long-tailed boat or bass boat to travel or see the river. You can book a canal tour or long tour with tour operator which allow visitors to stop one of the famous sightseeing such as Wat Arun. It is around 2 hour tour.

Another interesting service is a day cruise service which is in the morning visiting the ancient city of Ayutthaya. After that, visitors need to travel to the cruise. Having lunch on board and continue to cruise down to Bangkok for 3 hours. The cruise passes many highlights that you could enjoy and relax.

Dinner cruise

Dining on the Bangkok Choa phaya river cruise services offer various styles of cruise which is a luxurious cruise operated by hotel to traditional Thai rice barge cruise. Visitors could be renting the cruise for private service . There are also join the big cruise that you could walk around and enjoy various views of Bangkok historical landmark. The open air section is very cool and nice after dark. Meanwhile the a/c room of big cruise is also comfortable for the guest. Basically, Bangkok Choa phaya river cruise services are 2 hours service. The starting time is from 18:00-20:00.

During Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise service , they serve an international buffet or set menus. Warm cook food is served for everyone on board. There are a various kind of food serves on board is included traditional Thai food, salad, dessert, bakery and seasonal fruits are enough for everyone.

Entertainment bangkok night view 14

Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise service offer show and live music to entertain you at night in Bangkok. A live band performs jazz, pop and popular music that you could sing and dance along. There are also live show in a different style of each cruise. It might be cabaret show, traditional Thai dance and puppet show.

What do you see during the tour of Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise? It is a good way to observe Bangkok nightlife along the river. Most of Bangkok Choa Phaya River cruise service passes the heart of old Bangkok. Enjoy the view of the Bangkok Grand Palace, Temple of Dawn, Wat Pho, Rama VIII bridge, Sapan Bhut, and luxury 5 star hotel.

Listing of cruise operator

Choaphraya cruise , Choa phaya princess, White orchid cruise, The vertical cruise, Grand Pearl, Wonderful pearl, Manorah cruise and Absara cruise and loy nava.

Overnight cruise

If you like to stay on floating hotel which typically travel to Ayutthaya. You could reserve the service with Mekkala Cruise ,or  Manorah Song. It is converted rice barge cruise with 6-12 rooms only that allow you to see Thailand in different view and enjoy.  Book , Bangkok Chao phaya river cruise with us, we offer special discount rates and easy to reserve the seat. The earlier you make a booking the better seat we can reserve for you.

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