Top 5 reason to see Calypso Show, Cabaret Bangkok

Chinese dance at Calypso show
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Can’t denial that night activities are a must things to do at least one on in Bangkok.

Several ways to entertain yourself and make your night in Bangkok colorful and enjoy.

One way of doing so going to see night show …

Calypso theatherCalypso Cabaret Bangkok is one outstanding choice.

The LJ Biz team would like to share with you why Calypso cabaret famous even they have been in business for over 25 years. And it will continue doing well.

Why Calypso cabaret famous?

1. Well design performance

Calypso Cabaret Bangkok hires a professional acting coach, Mr. Hans Hoenicke. Mr.Hans worked in Broadway and has brought his experience to lift up standard of lady boy show. This can be claimed that Calypso cabaret Bangkok is the only place that make it as stage show, not just a typical lip singing.

You want to see a good show, this is what you can expect from Calypso you.

2. The Variety of the Show

You may watch a lip singing show, which comes out and dancing only. LJ Biz can assure you that Calypso Cabaret Bangkok is not one of those.

There are various shows with over 15 songs on difference theme.

Calypso show

There are modern and new hit, classic song, funny gag various acts from different countries that you can think of.

But it is really fun and good entertaining.

You may meet Beyonce, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga and more.


byeonce at Calypso


They also perform show from different country. We think this is such a boring thing. But you know, the audience is from around the world. Performers need to get in touch and do things that familiar . So that is a main reason for doing this. Anyway, I enjoy the way that Calypso present.

It is fun, and silly and hard to believe those are all lady boys.

3. Cozy stage

Calypso stage

Stageor the theater is round and very close to the audience. So everyone can see in close up look. You can see how pretty they are. Especially, their dress is very nice and bing bing . It is very nice.

Plus, they allow you to take photos and video.

So it is a good chance to get a nice picture.

stage inside calypso theather

4. Excellent Location

Calypso show time starts at 19:30 and 21:00. It is a good time for the night show. And you can enjoy with Superb Calypso Thai restaurant and Cultural show that keep you entertain while having dinner.

So you will have time to shopping at Asiatique. Calypso Cabaret is located right in the center of Asiatique. This is a good chance for you to shop , eat, spa & massage or join other activities like dinner cruise or Ferries Wheel.

Visitors could enjoy plenty things before show time.

You may try the fish spa there. This is one of the activities that LJ Biz recommends.

Asiatique Bangkok

If you like to take pictures, there are a lot of photos spots there too.

By the way, I almost forget to tell about the location of Asiatique.

Asiatique is on the riverside which is located in Bangkok city center. You can take the sky train to Take sin station (S6) and continue with free shuttle boat and you can easily reach the Asiatique.

For those who stay at riverside hotel, it is very easy to get there.

5. Professional Performer

Calypso Cabaret Bangkok does not focus on the pretty lady boy as a performer. But they are focusing on getting the best performer who great in act.

It does not mean they look ugly. They look good. Under the spotlight, they look nice.

So if you want to see the very beautiful drag queen, just don’t expect too much with the Calypso cabaret actress. Check the Calypso Cabaret Show Ticket Discount  Price

Calypso show


So this is what we like about Calypso Cabaret Bangkok.

Personally, I have seen them perform many times and still like and love to recommend to other tourist.

Has you see Calypso Show yet? What do you think of them? Mind to share your story.

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Calypso show

Book Calypso Ticket

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