Samui the wanderlust Island , Heaven Central Gulf of Thailand


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Things to do

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Things to do in Samui , The Wanderlust Island

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Koh Samui is an island regarded by tourists as it is. “Heaven Central Gulf of Thailand”

Samui is the island of Surat Thani Province, located about 496 km (308 miles) south of Bangkok, around 20 km off Surat Thani. There is a 10-15 flight daily fly from Bangkok and international flight from Mumbai, Maldives, Singapore and Hong Kong.

  • Top attraction
  • Best time to visit and weather
  • How to get there
  • Introduction to beach town in Samui

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Top Attraction in Samui

It’s known as the Coconut Island as it’s famous for the high quality of coconuts. Moreover, this is a home of monkey school, which trains hundred of monkeys to help the farmer.

Koh Samui is the island of a great natural beauty of coral reefs and a variety of beautiful white sand beaches in different characteristics, but most popular attractions are………..

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1. Hinta Hinyai 

It’s a curious rock formation. Known as the Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks because the rocks look like male and female genitalia. It occurs naturally so it has received attention from tourism and Hinta Hinyai close to Lamai beach.

Location :   126/92  Moo 3 A, Koh Samui  , P. Suratthani

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2. Chaweng Beach

The longest beach in Koh Samui and the main tourist spot. It has Hotels, Restaurants, pub along the beach and at night time you can enjoy the excited fire show. If you are looking for street food or souvenir shop you can walk around the Chaweng street.

Location : Chaweang beach , Koh Samui

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Chaweng Noi เฉวงน้อย

The southern part of Chaweng beach is a nice area of Chaweng noi beach.

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3. Big Buddha Temple

It has become one of Koh Samui’s main tourist attractions and a major landmark because of its stunning 12 meter-high golden Buddha. Around the temple you can see the beautiful view and sunset, If you’re hungry, don’t worry, there will be a multiple restaurant inside the temple for you to choose same with a souvenir shop.

Location  : Koh Fan , T. Borput , A.Koh Samui , P.Suratthani

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4.Fisherman’s village

The best market for you to hang out at night time. It’s lively and fun to walk around to explore new stuff. If you need a unique gift for your friends or your family, here you can find handmade stuff at a good price. You can also find a variety of street food here.

Open : Friday 17:30-22:30

Location : Borpot beach

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5.Na Muang Waterfall

Is the largest waterfall in Koh Samui , it’s surrounded by green jungle so you can swim and walk around to enjoy the beautiful nature. Near Na Muang waterfall is Na Muang Safari Park, it has a zoo, aquarium and Elephant Trekking. I’m sure you will have a good experience of this place!

Plus,the interesting extension to Koh Tao and Koh Phangan (full moon party)can be made once you are in Koh Samui . These two islands are very exotic and less crown beach. Or Ratchaprapha Dam in Surat Thani province , Previously known as Chiew Lan Lake.

Visitors can spend their great holidays with lots of activities for relaxation here from natural places to a fun and entertain nightlife.

Location :  Na Mueang, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani

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6.Guan Yu (ศาลเจ้ากวนอู)

Here is 16 meter high of Guan Yu Status that people pay respect.  This is the biggest Guan Yu status in Thailand.

Location : 190/1 T.Mared A.Koh Samui , P. Suratthani

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7 The Jungle Club

Restaurant and resort on the mountain top which be able to see the Samui Panoramic view.

Location :  Soi  Panyadee schoo, T.Borpud , A.Koh Samui , P.Suratthani

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8. Co Co Tam’s

Beach bar on fisherman village  on Boorput beach.

Open : 13:00-01:00

Location :  Soi  Panyadee schoo, T.Borpud , A.Koh Samui , P.Suratthani

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9. Baan Mapraw (บ้านมะพร้าว)

This is a place that buys coconut from the gardener. Later they open as a museum and workshop. Inside they separate to 3 sessions

  1. Museum is the first area of this complex. They bring all kinds of products such as utensil, kitchen wear and other things in this place.
  2. Factory : The open manufactory that people can see how to make coconut milk, chop coconut and transform those products to soap, serum , and shampoo. The left over raw material and also made a lot of by product.
  3. Local dessert workshop area. Making dessert that need to use coconut meat or coconut milk as an ingredient. It was a fun workshop and yummy too.

Open  07:30-16:30

Contact number  089- 744-8335  FB  : SpecoVirginCoconutOil

Location : T.Angthong A.Koh Samui , P.Surtthani


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10. Baan Suan Lang Sad (บ้านสวนลางสาด)

This is a home base restaurant in the garden which served organic food in home cooking style.  But you need to contact them one day in advance, they will prepare food for you.

FB   บ้านสวนลางสาด

Location  :  Moo 2 , T. Aowtong, A.Koh Samui , P. Suratthani


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11.Local Art

Do you like take a nice picture such as street art , graffiti , and local house ?  Check from the picture below ? You can get a nice sport for art and picture.


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You can feel the relaxation of……

  • Swimming
  • Spa and Massage
  • Enjoy adventure outdoor activities at
    • Angthong Marine National park is one of the most famous place to visit. You can kayak, trekking to the top of the mountain and view hundred of small island around the area. It is a magnificent view that visitors should not miss.
    • Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan island trip

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Weather at Sumui beach and best time to visit

The best time to visit this island is from February to April and mid July to August. You will get the ideal tropical island weather with blue sky days and a nice ocean breeze.

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Travel To Samui island and how to get there


The most convenient to way to go to Samui from Bangkok is by flight just for 1 hour. Bangkok airway has flight departure from Bangkok around 10 flights daily. Meanwhile, Thai airway has one flight a day. There is one flight a day fly from Chiang mai or Phuket by Bangkok airway flight as well. Low cost airline by Nok air fly to Suratthani province.

Flight , car and Boat

The visitor can buy flight+car+boat direct from airline which can drop you off at the Samui pier.

Bus and boat

Bus + Boat has operated by local operator such as 999 bus (government cooperates), Lampraya and seatran. The ticket are sales by travel agents around Kao San area. Pick the one that suit to your budget.

If you love the beach and like to experience new things, this is the place for you!

Train + Boat

Taking a train from Bangkok to Chumporn province  and continue to Donsak pier to the boat. The cruise company is Sea Trans Ferry and Raja Ferry Port.

Introduction to Koh Samui Beach

There are white beaches and warm sea at Koh Samui, such as Chaweng, Lamai, Maenam, Bophut, Bangrak, Choeng MoN, Ao Tong Takian, Nathon, etc. The two most famous islands are Chaweng and Lamai beaches.

So if you want some nightlife or go to a night club, you should go there. Besides, there are also a lot of souvenir shops and markets that open at night.

Chaweng Beach

This is the most famous beach with a lot of resorts. The long white sand beach is 6 kilometers long.  There are a lot of restaurants and activities around all day and night.

Lamai Beach

This is the second biggest beach of the island, but it is more quiet than Chaweng beach.

Maenam beach is much less crowded than Chaweng and Lamai beach. It’s quieter with more Thai culture and is more relaxed. The local Thai food found here is not very expensive. Moreover, Samui island is also the gateway to Koh Pha Ngan and Koh Tao. It is very convenient because there are many piers and boats to choose. Boats leave several times a day, and tourists from Samui often go to Pha Ngan in order to join the full moon party.

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Koh Samui Day Trip

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