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Saturday, 03 October 2015 03:14

Overload luggage

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Overload luggage

Travel - shopping - and - overload luggageYour trip is almost at an end. You look at your stuff and start to worry that you have bought too much. What are your choices to bring your stuff back home? Below are a few options for what to do with your luggage. First suggestion to deal with Overload luggage First, ship by Thai postal service, UPS, Fedex, or Express. The price is almost similar for all services above: all quite expensive. If you have a lot of souvenirs, the shipping cost will be more expensive than your belongings. Therefore, you should think carefully before buying something heavy and big.

If it is worth the wait, you can opt to ship your overload luggage through the Thai Postal Service by boat rather than airmail. This cost will be more than half of the price of airmail, but takes up to three months to arrive in the United States. This may seem like a long time to wait, but sometimes it is nice to have a reminder of your time in Thailand after three months of being back in your home country in you every day life.
Thai Postal services For sending packages and documents overseas, you can do the packing at the Thai post office. They have a packing counter where you can buy packing materials at a very economical rate and sometimes get assistance. If you are shipping anything in a box, then the standard procedure is to tie a string around the box so that it can be opened and peeked into by customs to verify that what's written on the customs slip matches what's in the box. If you seal it, then you pay a much higher rate. There are post offices conveniently located all over the city including Bangkok international airport.
The post offices are open from 8am to 4:30pm, though some don't like to take international parcel shipments after 3:30. Some of the post offices such as head quarters and at the airports are open longer than stipulated above.
Courier Services - International

There are several established international couriers. The main ones are listed below.


Tel.: 02-207-0600 Grand Amarin Tower, Floor 22 1550 New Petchburi Rd. Makkasan Bangkok 

Federal Express 

Tel.: 02-367-3222 Green Tower, Floor 8 Rama 4 Rd. Bangkok 

UPS (United Parcel Service)

Tel.: 02-712-3300 16/1 Sukhumvit soi 44/1 Bangkok 

You can also find courier services at shopping malls under the name "Mailboxes" and at the airport. Some of the companies arrange pick up service at the hotel.

Second suggestion to deal with Overload luggage Second, buy a new big suitcase. Normally, when traveling long distances, airlines allow passengers to have two suitcases per person and two carry on bags. If you do not have all the above, it's recommended to buy a new suitcase or carry on bag. It is cost effective, and you will have more luggage to use when you go back home. You can get cheap luggage all over the city, however Pra To Nuam(water gate) area for the widest range.
Third suggestion to deal with Overload luggage Third, in case you buy new luggage and it is very heavy, there is a counter service at the Airport called TAGS UNACCOMAPANY LUGGAGES. Its located close to customs check at counter check in row 10, terminal 2. They can fly your belongings with the same airline or do it on a later flight to your home. Their services are similar to CARGO. 

You can send the luggage to your home on the same flight or later a flight to your city of destination. You need to go to the airport early to make arrangements for your overload luggage. It is best to try to go before the travel date.

If you have heavy luggage, this service will help you save money. It is cheaper than a postal service and at the counter check in. There is initial procession fee of 1,905 baht. Then, they will add a fee determined by the airline used and destination.

The size limitation of the luggage is not to exceed 2 meters in width. 

TAGS UNACCOMAPANY LUGGAGES service deals directly with all airlines and is open 24 hours.
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