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Saturday, 03 October 2015 08:40

Thai Weddings

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Traditional Thai Weddings

Traditional Thai weddings are unique with many steps to follow. It is not just for a couple, it is about marriage to the whole family. There are offering precious thing to family, Buddhist blessing and home party.


After men and woman agree to live together as husband and wife, both of them would go to their parent and tell that they want to marriage. They will set up parent meeting day. The meeting will take place in bride house. The groom will visit with his parent and another man or woman who is well respect and good repetition to act as Por Sua. Por Sua will be a man who open the conversation to bride family. He will ask to join the family together and would like to hade bride to be part of family. He or she will also talk about the money and gifts (Sinsord) to be given to her family. This official meeting is very importance. Then, they will go to temple or fortune teller to find the right date that would be good start for the couple.

Note about Sinsord

Many male foreigners think this is not fair; they find it strange that money and precious gifts should be given to the bride's family. However, this is a Thai tradition. It is the groom's way of thanking the family of his future wife for letting him marry her; it is his way of assuring them that he will take good care of her. Arranged marriage is still existing is insignificant amount now a day. The process is all other way around. The parent would meet first and then the couple may meet later and could agree or dis-agree later.

Thai Weddings : Morning Ceremony

The wedding starts early in the morning with the procession ceremony called 'Hae Khun Mag'. During this ceremony, the groom leads the guests and brings gifts and food to the bride's house. The 'Ram Klong Yao' song plays until the end of this procession. This is a funny but happy and lively song.
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