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Communications to your home

Internet Communications

Communication to your home is most easily done through internet services. Most high-end hotels in Thailand provide internet access services either at the convenience of your own room or at the hotel business center where other office facilities are located. 
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Printer and fax services are also available at some places. Internet cafes providing ADSL high speed connection services are abundant; you should be able to locate them every where during your trip. Also look out for free ADSL access at some exclusive coffee houses.
You can also use the service of an internet cafe close to access your hotel. There are a lot of shops that offers high speed internet. A reasonable price for internet use in Bangkok is 40 baht, however in most tourist areas rates may be as high as 2 baht per minute. MBK shopping center and other areas will offer more reasonable rates.
Wireless internet time can also be purchased at many cafés and hotels. Wireless internet is typically 100 baht per hour. 
Telephone Communications in Thailand

Costs may vary when calling home or friends from the hotels. Depending on the telephone system each hotel is using, every time you pick up the phone or dial 9 there maybe a service charge. To avoid unexpected charges, it is better to make enquiries at the hotel reception before calling. It is recommended to buy a special phone card from any convenience store with price starting at 300 Baht. You can use the card to call the Call Centre, followed by your pin code, it will show how many minutes you can call on. Our favorite phone card is Phone net
. PhoneIt provides a good connection at reasonable prices.

International Phone Cards also allow callers to call from any of the many yellow phones scattered around Bangkok. Another cheap option for phoning home is through internet phone services. Programs such asMSN messenger voice and not only offer a cheaper way of talking with your loved ones and business partners while in Thailand, but also often are accompanied by video imaging.

Call home

To make an international phone call from Thailand you dial 001+Country Code+ City Code + Number. For example you call home, in America number 555 555 4325. You press 001 1 555 555 4325

Call to Thailand

To call in from abroad, you can dial the call out code for that country such as 011 or 011+Country Code (66)+City Code+ Number. Normally, you will not dial 0 in front of the City Code. For example, if you want to call 02 123 4567 from America, you dial 0016621234567. 

Local calls in Thailand 

Calling within Thailand you dial zero in front of the City Code, dial city code with 0 in front +number , example calling Chiangmai 053 122 3333, or call Bangkok is 02 616 6007.
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