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How to Book

Reserve the tour online in www.lets-tour-bangkok.com

Tailor Made Program

Email  sales1@lets-tour-bangkok.com

What Aps or Line ID @ljbiz 

Please give more detail

  • Travel Date
  • Number of Visitors (number of adult (12 year old up) , Child (3-12 years old) , Infant ( 2 years old and under)
  • Place and destination of interest
  • Budget per person in USD for the whole trip with indicate what you need ( airport transfer, hotel booking, air ticket and train ticket)
  • Your expectation or goal for your vacation , so we can achieve together

Booking Day Tour, Package Tour , Dinner Cruise and Activities online


  1. All passenger name listing (for insurance information for Day tour and Package tour booking)
  2. Special request such as dietary


  1. Voucher will issue after we confirmed the service , for last minute booking , please email and call us to make sure we can service asap.
  2. Payment online can process via credit card or paypal. If we can not provide service, we will return money to you full  amount.  It is best to make early payment then, we can continue work for you without email back and forth.
  3. Private tour of Day tour and Package tour price will be discount by number of visitors, please see below of the page in section price tab. Once you make booking you will see in discount section to
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1 Selection Product by category

Activities  & Attraction


Package tour 

Day tour

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Search service from Mobile : Click in menu

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Search service by different category

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2. enter Service Page , Check price and service 

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Enter product/service page and see the price at the bottom of the page.

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After read itinerary , and see terms and conditions. Get ready to make a booking

  1. Set date of travelling
  2. number of visitors
  3. Set optional as request such as service with transfer, optional and etc
  4. Click book
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3. Go to Check out page

  1. Check the package detail and price that you will get discount
  2. Check total amount of money that will charge
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4. Bill payment and Passenger detail

Please have information that will be ready

  1. Passenger name listing (full name and country are request) , other information is optional
  2. Hotel booking information and address  with room number (if you already got it)
  3. Additional information and special request or special note that want us to know
  4. Payment process

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5. You will get one email that notify about receive your booking. After we confirmed booking, we will send you voucher soon. 

Any last minute booking, please contact us


Contact us : whataps or line @ljbiz
Eng +66 817316556
Noon +66 823400420
Buay +66 816388694