Oldies & Michelin Guide 1 star at Methavalai Sorndaeng Restaurant


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Do you like to experience live music in 80s ?  Do you like to enjoy Thai cuisine serve for local people ? Will you enjoy Thai food in authentic taste and sit in the surrounded with well and classic ambient ?  Methavalai Sorndange should be on your list.

Methavalai Sorndaeng Restaurant serves food for Bangkok people in the pass 80 years. The restaurant operates since 1957.  The politician, government officer and local people are always a return guests. 

In years 2019, Methavalai Sorndaeng Restaurant got recognition from Michelin guide for 1 star.  

Looks and feel

The restaurant looks like a band and lounge singer playing old tunes. The music was nice which has one piano and a female singer. The singer sings classic Thai song.  It reminded the old day of Thailand. 

Some think decoration looks outdated here, but some said this antique decoration.  It is now like rare item, you cannot see restaurant like this that much.


The average appetizer menu is around 200-300 THB/ dish which is good for 2-3 people.

The main menu and soup is around 250-400 THB. It depends on what you pick and what kind of meat you select. Menu made of crab, shrimp or fish have higher price that vegetable, pork and chicken.

By far, the food price is in the mid range.  It is cheaper compared with food serve in restaurant of 4 or 5 star hotel. It is the highest price that regular hotel on the street. 

We would like to say this place give good value for the customer. That’s why they have been in business for so long and one of the top of mind for the local people.

The budget to have a meal here is around 500-600 THB/ person or around 20-30 USD/Person

Top menu

The menu was quite varied and we ordered several different dishes to share among our table of 4.

Lets tour Bangkok would to recommend the dish that you can eat and it will get along well as below.


Crispy rice noodles in sweet and sour sauce เป็นเมนูยอดนิยมของทางร้าน หมี่กรอบรสกลมกล่อมไม่หวานเกิน

Krathong tong (กระทงทอง)

Crispy rice noodles in sweet and sour sauce เป็นเมนูยอดนิยมของทางร้าน หมี่กรอบรสกลมกล่อมไม่หวานเกิน

Crispy flour with fruit and vegetable.


Grapefruit Salad (ยำส้มโอ),

The unique dish was made with pomelo mixed with some dried pork slices. This is a salad cooking. It has sweet and sour taste together. 


bangkok metavalai michelin guide yamsomo

Fish Cake (ทอดมันปลากราย),

Deep fried fish mixed, chilled plate. Eat this with plum sauce and cucumber.  


todman pla bangkok metavalai michelin guide

Crispy Mee (หมี่กรอบ)

Royal crispy noodles were once a favourit snack of – mainly central. This complicated dish which is very difficult to make would likely be bought, rather than cooked at home, as to perfect it is to really know what you are doing as well as to have the time and patience to take all the steps necessary. The delicious crispy noodle dish which is soaked in tamarind juice and palm sugar before being fried to a crisp. It is also add dried shrimp , spring onion , bean spout, red chilly and marinated garlic on the top.


bangkok metavalai michelin guide meakrab chaowang
bangkok metavalai michelin guide meakrab chaowang

Main dish eat with rice

Kaeng Kua Poo Bai Chaplu แกงคั่วปูใบชะพลู

Betel leaves, crab meat curry. Fact; Betel leaves are used as a stimulant, an antiseptic, and a breath-freshener


bangkok metavalai michelin guide keang kua poo

Calamari fried with shrimp plate (ปลาหมึกผัดกะปิ)

This menu has southern Thai food influence. It has mixed taste. The salty taste is leading. There are also light sweet come after. When eating it, add lime juice, it is perfect taste.

Cr www.wongnai.com

bangkok metavalai michelin guide muk pad kape

Gaeng luang pla (แกงเหลืองปลา)

The small soup in yellow color . Vegetable inside is lotus steam, which is a crunchiness and a pleasant surprise.  This menu is also a southern style spicy and sour soup.

Beside, yummy meal, decoration of the menu is also interesting. Fruit craving in the dish as flower and animal design is very nice.

Cr www.wongnai.com



This place is in the old city. If you visit main sightseeing, you can come here for dining for lunch or dinner.

The restaurant seems to be busy during  the weekend at lunch time. Reservation before is recommended.

If you reserve the seat in the window, you can view the democracy monument which is very nice and pretty.

Contact details for Methavalai Sorndaeng

Address: 78/2 Ratchadamnoen Khlang Road (corner of Dinso Rd; in front of Democracy Monument)

T: (02 224 3088 , (02) 224 3178 

Coordinates (for GPS): 100º30’7.34″ E, 13º45’22.75″ N