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Chiang mai tour packages & Fun activities in the North

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Main destination in the north of Thailand

The three famous cities and highlight of keyword that people thinking of when travel to the north of Thailand

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Those are main destinations that people fall in love with the north of Thailand.

Each city has its own uniqueness. Chiang mai is famous for things to do with elephants. Chiang rai is outstanding with temples built by national artist. Mea Hong Son and Pai is a home of mist and mountain.

Activities that people like to do

Discover the cities and travel to rural area that has so many things to do such as elephant experience, jungle trekking, biking trip, food tour, tiger zoo, cultural temples and hill tribes visit. Adventure trip could also fun to do with a mountain bike, white water rafting or elephant riding.

Top activities that we recommend

This is place and activities that we highly recommend

How many days to stay?

It really depends on your timing. At least 3 days stay , visitors could visit and cover some major sightseeing. To spend time in various town, you may spend 5-7 days to stay in the north of Thailand.

Should I stay in Chiang mai only or other destination?

If you have a vacation , you want to explore that area more day and extend stay in Pai, Mea Hong Son, Chiang rai or Nan. Why not !

Those who come from Europe and USA, your ticket fare is very high. Why not get the most of your time.

Where to go ?

First visit, I highly recommend Chiang rai. If you love art, mountain and temple.  Chiang rai is a good destination to stay at least one night.

Those who love trekking, visit Mae Hong Son and Pai is perfect.

Those who love animal, personally, I like Lampang – elephant conservation center and horse riding, fun small town that you should not miss.

Extension to another destination

From Chiang rai – you could go to Laos by cruise via Chiang rai

Chiang mai has flight direct to Luang prabang

From Chiang mai , you can visit Doi intranon which is very nice trekking place.

There are direct flight from Chiang mai to beach destination such as Phuket and Samui.

Find ready made Chiang mai tour packages, or customized your tour to suit your interest.

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See More Package

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Chiang mai Tours

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Chiang mai Full Day tour