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Southern Thailand Beach Holidays – Itinerary & Cost


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When it comes to holiday, it is a time for beach relaxing. Just beginning with beach, many of you see the picture of sea , sand , and Sun in the back of your mind. Southern part of Thailand is a long peninsula with wide range offer of beach . It is more than 1000s beach for sure.  Why not check out for the top famous beach package. Or connect many islands to your vacation.

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Top 5 Beaches in of Thailand

Referring from trip Advisor.com , top 5 beaches in Thailand are located on the southern part region. Most of them located on Andaman Sea which is one the west part and located in Phuket , Krabi and Phang-nga province. Lets Tour Bangkok gathering useful information for you to review the strong point in each destination, enjoy.

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Railay Bay Beach , Krabi

Small beach near Ao Nang, the visitor can reach Railay by the boat trip only. Some people just enjoy relaxing on the beach. They love the beauty and chilled out vibe. The sea water is clear till you can see crab and small fish swimming in the early morning or before sunset. Some people also love the hiking to lagoon or rock climbing for a stunning view for the bay surrounded by limestone cliffs.  Railay west seems to be more quiet than Railay east.

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Karon Beach  , Phuket

Karon beach is a vast stretch of long beach with lots of bars, restaurants and some activities such as Jetski or parasailing. This is a clear and clean beach and amazing place for Sunset.

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Khao Lak Beach

In 1990s, Khao Lak has no tourist visit, but now it has changed to urban development with various ranges of property from budget room to 5-star resort. Khaolak is a national park name located in Phan nga province with 25 kilometers long straight breach with a break of rocky or headland. Various beachfront resorts are located on the northern part.

Coconut beach is a quiet place and hardly any waves, so it is the perfect place for kids.

Pak Weep Beach is an unspoiled paradise with a lot of trees and quiet place for relaxing with family

White sand beach is crowded with beach chair and umbrella service. This is a nice beach you can find food and drink and various choices of resort.

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Phra Nang Beach , Krabi ( Ao Ang)

Phra Nang Beach links to Railay East and then to Railay West. When the tide is low enough , walking from Railay and Phra Nang beach is possible. The beach is very busy since it is powdery white sand beach and many things to do. Many activities happened here such as rock-climbing, kayaking, swimming on the beach or under the cave.  Arrival here early morning to avoid a lot of people.

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Kata  Beach , Phuket

Kata beach is on the west of coast of Phuket island with charming white sand and clear waters. Along the beach is filled with the palm-lined beach and great resorts.  Kata beach divided into 2 parts.

Kata Yai Beach

Kata Yai is the main beach with shopping area or Kata center, plenty of shops and wide range of dining option from street food to fine dine.

Kata Noi Beach

Go up to the hill you will access kata noi.  This beach has a few luxury resorts and some small budget guest house. It is less busy here and very lovely place to stay.

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Top Adventure in Southern Part of Thailand

Southern of Thailand is not the only place for beach. There are some activities that very unique and worth doing . For example, Khao Sok and Ratchapra dam is a home of Guilinh Thailand .

Riding elephant or visit the elephant sanctuary of Phang nga is also nice to do.

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Top 5 activities for Adventure in Southern of Thailand

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Dining in the cave at Rayavadee


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Thailand Beach Holidays for Couples

It is hard to say where is the best beach in Thailand for couples or honeymoon. But  I would like to recommend places with less nightlife and more quiet . Where to stay in Thailand beach and a suite for a honeymoon or couple? Check out here


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The Santiburi Koh Samui is a five star resort and a Member of the Leading Hotels of the World.

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Rayavadee Krabi

An exclusive pavilion property hidden among tropical foligage in Railey.

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Mai Resort Samui

Enjoy the tropical landscape and luxurious accommodations at Mai Samui Beach Resort & Spa, just steps from the golden sands of Lamyai Beach in Koh Samui.

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Conrad Koh Samui

Conrad is a luxury resort, surrounded by a dazzling azure sea and close to lush rainforests, The hotel is a private beachfront getaway overlooking the ocean.

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Beyond Khaolak

BEYOND RESORT KHAOLAK is at Pak Weep Beach, Phang Nga … Beach, Phuket. BEYOND RESORT KATA · Karon Beach, Phuket. BEYOND RESORT KARON.

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The Tubkaak Boutique  resort , Krabi

This is a boutique resort in Krabi which is surrounded by nature and award winning romantic

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