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Thailand Vacation Packages , Itinerary & Cost

Vacation to Thailand and connect to Asia and Thailand including classic trip , package tour and more.

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Virtual Travel Experience (Visit small village and learn local culture)

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Bangkok & Central of Thailand

Chiang mai & Northern of Thailand

Pattaya , central and east of Thailand

Phuket , Samui and Southern of Thailand


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Road Trip of Thailand 

Northeast of Thailand

Thailand Package tour 

Southeast of Asia and combination 


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Thailand Package Tour

6 – 21 day trip of the Thailand package tour to combine various destinations together. Enjoy sightseeing at main destinations, and beach town to relax.

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Road Trip – Around

It is best to see Thailand in various destinations. It is no better ways than taking a road tour. Most of the tour can begin the trip from Bangkok and end at Chiang mai. Along the trip, you could visit historical sites, temple ruins, farm, waterfall and much more things that you could enjoy.

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Southeast Asia

Now a day , it is easy to connect flight or go to other destinations within no time. Bangkok and take a train to Chiang mai. Travel by car to Chiang rai and take a cruise along Mea Khong river to Luangphrabang. Then fly to Siem Reap and travel by car to Phanom phen and cruise to Maekhong delta before reach Ho Chi Minh City. This is just example of routing, find out more.

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Bangkok & Central

We can connect you to one to another destination with worry free when you are on vacation. We can also make seamless connecting for  Thailand and its neighboring country such as Laos , Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Vietnam. So… Discover Thailand and our region with us, we promise the best EXPERIENCE and once of a lifetime vacation to you.

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Chiang mai & Northern

Check out the northern trip of Thailand. Main destinations consists of Chiang mai, Chiang rai, Mae Hong Son and Pai. We have program that you could connect various destinations together.

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Pattaya , Central & Eastern of Thailand

Eastern of Thailand is shore city. Pattaya, Chantaburi, Trat and Samed are main attractions. We have lots of easy package that could help you to connect the trip with Bangkok . On the west coast, Hua Hin and Cha am are a famous town. This cities are more quiet and connect to natural gateway.

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Phuket, Samui & Southern

Phuket and Southern of Thailand are beach destination.  Beside relaxing, there are activities such as island tour,  honeymoon trip and elephant riding could also happen there. We can book a boat trip to connect you to different islands too.

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Northeast Thailand

Northeast of Thailand was once famous tourist attractions. After Cambodia and Angkor Wat open, this destination is not popular any more. Anyone who loves quiet area and less tourists, you should consider visiting the Northeast of Thailand. Natural park, historical sites and yummy food still wait for you to experience.

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Special festival such as in the northeast of Thailand such as the elephant festival is very interesting .  Loy Krathong and Songkran , water festival ,  also fun to enjoy.

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TOUR and Activities

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Let’s we save your time. We have various choices of package with various activities.

yummy food, cooking experience, Thai boxing show or real flight, take pictures with the tiger, swimming in clear water , kayaking , biking in the ruins city, or work with a farmer or  fisherman in local farm , rice plantation and art street.

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We can make sure everything is right and double check to make sure ground service is ready for you.

You can reach us by PHONE not to reach EXTENSION and endless press the key.

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We can connect you to one to another destination with worry free when you are on vacation. We can also make seamless connecting for Thailand and its neighboring country such as Laos , Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

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NOT just visit, but we aim to make your lifetime experience

We promise the best EXPEREINCE and life time relation.  We want to bring the best of our culture for you.

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Kanchanaburi Tour

Visit Kanchanaburi one day or stay overnight. The city of River Kwai or the bridge on river kwai town.

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