Do you need to book a Bangkok tour guide?

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If you can afford it, why not.

Why you should use Bangkok tour guide?

Let’s me tell you what is the reason that you should consider to book a private tour guide in Bangkok.

Bangkok is big

Bangkok is not small. No matter area that you stay, you may be near or far from attractions. Therefore, having tour guide will help to get to main interesting very quickly and help to navigate the city and be able to travel on your own later.

Bangkok area

More Confident and less stress during the trip

Imagine and that you have a lot of guests all trip long during your holiday. It is not fun for sure. Hiring tour guide will help you to focus on more of a fun time at sightseeing rather than worry  about something.

Cover the highlight

If you want to visit various attractions and your time in Bangkok is just for short times, using a local tour guide will be a lot of benefit that you can visit the highlight. A Bangkok tour guide can help you to manage the time and plan the sequence of the traffic flow. They know what mode of transport that city offer. So it will be good to see more in less time.

Giant swing and tuk tuk riding

Away from conman free

If you search on online web board or travel society site , you may have heard of conman who was not very nice to tourist which offend happened to independent visitor. If you travel with Bangkok tour guide , you will know and understand how to avoid that and travel with Thai people, it is not dangerous at all.

Meet and talk to local people

You can do more than smile with local people. Tour guides can also help you with translation. Do you see the picture that you walk in the market and ask about benefit of herb and vegetable. Or laughing when help local people cooking some meal. This is a kind of service that small group travelling can experience.

Avoid argument within your group

It is not always the case. Sometime you travel among aquatint, it is better to have intermediate person. You and your husband or your wife or even your mum will be careful with the manner and when it come to some decision making.

If limit budget , what is recommend to use and hire tour guide?

I would recommend to use tour guide for historical and culture experience sightseeing.

Recommend to use Bangkok guide when visit this place

  • Palace, temple  , ancient city of Ayutthaya and Muang boran (Ancient city) are attractions that I recommend to go with tour guide.  It is more fun to understand the culture  and history .
  • Visit floating market, Kanchanaburi or multi sightseeing outside Bangkok is easy to go with tour guide.
  • When you go with big group , lets say more than 5 people up.

Hire a private tour guide or buy a day tour package , which one is better ?

If you like flexible trip, so it is better to hire a tour guide for full day rate. It is depends on how do you like the service.

Is there sightseeing that I do not need a tour guide?

Sightseeing that you can travel by your own is as the listing below.

Safari world , Dream world , Shopping malls , weekend market , Jim Thompson house museum , and attraction such as Madame tusssaud , Siam Ocean World for instance.

Does Bangkok tour guide service in Bangkok only?


The tour guide who station in Bangkok, they can help with city tour in Bangkok, city close by Bangkok such as Damnoen Saduak, Amphawa floating market, Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi , Pattaya , and Hua Hin.

In some city that may require overnight trip, such as Kanchanaburi, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Chantaburi, Amphawa for instance.

Book Thai tour guide

Meet our Bangkok tour guide

Guide Pauline

Pauline is a professional tour guide that love Thai culture and she also love to travel as well. You can exchange a lot of story when travel with her.

Sarah chose to work as a tour guide after quite her Engineer professional. Her kindness and friendly personally are very warm welcome everyone. That’s why we only here to positive feedback about her.

Guide Mee

Mee earned world guide training certificate and very proud to show Thai culture to everyone. It is also a positive story about the country that why Mee has become a professional lecture.


Noon is a small lady but very strong with tour guide who can enjoy history and walking trip. She work as English teacher for small kids and being tour guide as part time work keep she amuse.

Guide Joom

Guide Phet 


A gentle man from the southern of Thailand who is a little shrine but very easy to get along. He is a bit quiet but very nice person.


Guide Kob

Guide Arty

Guide Eng

Bangkok base tour guide which can help for day tour . She love to talk about politic, food,  economy . She looks serious but very easy to get along.

Tour Guide Jeab, Jeab know a lot of place to hang out at night

Jeab is born and raise in Bangkok. She know China town in every corner. She love shopping and know well in a lot of corner that have good view to chill out.

Guide Steve

Guide Steve 

Our good sense of humor tour guide also ways have a lot of story to tell. With a long time live and work in Australia. I am sure you will have fun time when go around with steve.

Tour Guide Alice , Lovely woman that you will love to hang out with her

Lovely guide who love to take care customer and get a long with kids very well. She love to take picture too.

Guide Auiaye, Friendly guide in Bangkok

Our strong lady guide is from north east of Thailand. Aui Ai is enthusiastic person who has lot of enjoy and I am sure you will have fun when be around her.

guide Buay

Guide Buay

Bangkok base tour guide which can help for day tour . She love to talk about politic and love to entertain visitor with funny story. She is a fan of a various yummy food around Grand palace area.

guide gee

Guide Gee

Gee is food lover and very kind tourist guide . She has a good sense of humor.


Pauline is a professional tour guide that love Thai culture and she also love to travel as well. You can exchange a lot of story when travel with her.

Benefit of hire a Thai Tour Guide