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Chiang mai half day tours , what to do

Ideal for activities and attractions that you can enjoy, quick way to observe the town, enjoy your moment while visiting Lanna Kingdom.

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How do you like to spend your time for 3-6 hours?

Chiang mai becomes busy with lot of people living in. In 2019, there are a lot of new road and metro rail are under construction. Good news! Traffic is not so bad. So you can see a lot of thing outside the city and inside the city within 3-6 hours.

What can you do within a half day in Chiang mai?

Our team already has some listing of things to do in Chiang listing in this page Lets-tour-Bangkok.com . Let’s we recap again what you can do

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Visit Kaad (market)

Kaad Luang or Warorot market is located in the center of Chiang mai. What you can eat and find over there is in good price which is Thai tourist and local people go to shop. Don’t miss namprik noom and cap moor (Fired pork skin). Whenever, thinking of those yummy things , my stomach  started to to demand.  Hahaha.

Food tour in Chiang mai is also an idea thing that you can enjoy eating food and learn about it.

Wieng Kooom Kam (ancient city )

If you visit Chiang mai 200 years ago, you will not have a chance to visit this place. Anyway, this ancient city was excavated 100 years ago. This ancient city are in local resident and ancient city which is very worth to visit.

Cooking class

This is a good chance to see and visit a local people house or local farm. It is a time to learn about Thai cooking, making for yourself and eating your own cooking meal.

See rice field and village

Various ways to see the village of Chiang mai, I recommend two things. One is walking in the village to see the village which has various locations or taking a biking trip to close by city area. It is fun and not so expensive.


Big elephant in sanctuary park or bathing with elephant along the stream are things that you should do once visit Chiang mai .

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Chiang Mai Tour

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Chiang mai Full Day

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Elephant tour in Chiang mai