A unique experience to Thai Farm for half day

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Tour name Klong Mahasawat, Canal & Farm Tour
Destination Nakhon Phathom Bangkok
Category DT-Local Culture
Duration 4 Hours

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Bangkok Farm & Boat Tour – Benefits when book with us


A real farmer life experience trip with various activities
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Take part in agricultural at farm such as row the boat, boat ride , tractor ride

Make your snack at home base factory made Koatang , rice crackers.


Share trip 2,200 THB per person

Private 6,900 Thb/2 persons by local transport

Additional person pay 1,200 HB/ person



Pick up and drop of from hotel city center

Klong Mahasawat

This is the nearest agro tourism destination to Bangkok is the community-based tourism area. Agro tours here are by long-tail boats, which visit fruit orchards, lotus farms and orchid plantations.

Meet the local farmers and enjoy their hospitality which is very welcoming as friends and relative to visit their home and village.

More Activity Detail

Mahasawat Canal , Bangkok Boat Tour & Agro Touism

Farm Tour and Bangkok people seem unrelated. If you look around Bangkok metropolitan, you will see the high sky building, office tower, condominium and shopping mall.
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Do you know?

Bangkok and surrounding area was once a cultivated area.How come, there are so many buildings in Bangkok.Geography of Bangkok. Bangkok and surrounded area had lots of water and good soil.Water is pliantly in the central of Thailand which is in canal, and river.Bangkok is located in the Chaophraya river delta, the river bring sediment which makes soil fertility. After 1950 , Thailand and Bangkok were becoming developing country and modernize world had took place the old style way of living or agricultural way.But, Bangkok suburban still farm and Greenland that lets-tour-bangkok would like to show you there.


Mahasawat Canal is located in Nakhon Pathom. This is a hub where agricultural and horticultural which farm produce are sold in their natural state or processed into a range of enticing local delicacies.Mahasawat canal was dug by the former king of Thailand, King RAMA IV, It was a man-made canal to connect between Chaophrya river and Nakhonchaisri river for 28 kilometers long. Klong Mahasawat offers natural atmosphere and a real touch of rural Thai. The community organizes agro-tourism by long-tailed boat taking you to lotus field, orchid farm, gag fruit orchards and OTOP products.Klong Mahasawat community was promoted as Argo tourism and has won Thailand Tourism Awards in 2007. This is the quality guarantee that, you won’t go wrong.

Taste local products

Farm tour is including enjoy food with the locals and taste their specialty snack called Khao-Tung Hna-Tung or Crusty Rice with Shrimp Dip. You may also try a gag fruit juice, which is high nutrition.This is produced in their unique solar cell oven and is worth the trip to Mahasawat just to see this and enjoy the crackling taste of this excellent snack.E Tan truck. This Farm Tour will adding the ride on E Tan truck.

So get to know it before trip start

E tan is a convertible truck for agriculture and farm use for farmers. The machine is from engine that can convert to tractor, pumper, and an electric generator.

So the machine is multi propose.Farmer also can make their own truck or buy it to attach with machine. The truck can put all crop and seed to travel back and forth between home, farm and market. So ..are you looking forward for fun ride.Try Rod E Tan is a good way to experience farm tour for sure.


Other things to note

This trip will take place rain or shine
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This tour is not recommended for people with limited mobility

Is it hot at the farm?

Khlong Mahasawat’s agro attractions are best seen in the morning to avoid the heat of the day

Add on

OPTION 1 During weekend : Visit Talad Don Wai. >>> 700 THB/person (minimum 2 persons)

You can leave early and continue trip to Talad doi wai floating market for finding local food and snack. Doi Wai market is a float market along Nakhonchaisri river, local people come for finding food and many dishes is famous and been sell in shopping mall and super market
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Woodland   >>> 700 THB/person (minimum 2 persons)

The museum has the best fine quality woodwork in various styles.  There is a huge collection of woodcraft masterpieces related to nature, Christian, Buddhism, Hindu, and local myths. The museum composed of the well categorical zones such as rootstocks, wildlife, abyss, Buddhist, Christian, Hindo and local myths in air-conditioned rooms with the interesting multimedia presentation.

Terms and Conditions


  • Sightseeing as the itinerary including admission fee as stated in program
  • Local transportation
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Admission fee of the tour guide for the guide if applicant
  • Credit card Charge
  • Express way & parking Fee
  • Trip insurance


  • Meal , Lunch, Dinner
  • Government VAT
  • Drink
  • Optional activities
  • Gratuities to the guide, driver and hotel’s porter
  • Third language speaking guide charge extra 500 Baht/half day tour or 1000 baht/day tour (Day tour)

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